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CCS Interviews Ty Evans, Lance and BA

12.09.2011 //

Lance Mountain, Ty Evans and Brian Anderson have interviews up at the CCS Blog for our reading and viewing pleasure.

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5Boro Flow Trash Friday with Jordan Trahan

12.09.2011 //

Jordan Trahan appears in this Friday’s edition of the 5Boro Flow Trash series. Sick spots, good trick selection and lots of speed and pop. It’sanice.

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Stefan Janoski Art Show in NYC.

12.09.2011 //

Tomorrow, Saturday Dec 10th Stefan Janoski will be having his first art show in NYC. Opening will be at Three Squares Studio from 8pm-11pm. 444 West 17th St. NY,NY 10011. Please stop by and join in the festivities. Beer and wine will be provided.

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5 and 5 with Elijah Berle

12.08.2011 //

Burly Berle takes a breather at Tampa Am with Kyle Berard to answer a few questions and skate the wood bowl out back for Strangenotes

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Enrique Lorenzo Classic Clips

12.08.2011 //

Joe Krolick’s got a batch of Enrique Lorenzo footage for this episode of Skateboarding Classic Clips

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Epicly Later’d Menace Skateboards Part 2

12.08.2011 //

Billy Valdez goes over a little history of himself, and it includes some unseen footage of he and Joey Suriel from a Powell part that never came out. Next is talk of the Menace heyday when one could go anywhere in Skatedom and find Menace product fiends, and nobody even had to skate the contest to be the most popular

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In the Chair with Geoff Rowley

12.07.2011 //

Warming Up with Think Skateboards

12.07.2011 //

Check out Think’s new clip with Josh Matthews, Cody McEntire and Russ Milligan warming up.


MEHRING’S BEARINGS PRESENTS: Recent trip to LA part 2.

12.07.2011 //

Skateboarder’s senior photographer Jonathan Mehring recently came out to LA and shot photos behind the scenes of the upcoming Girl/Chocolate video directed by Ty Evans and Spike Jones. Here is Part 2 of 2 of the LA series.

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ScumCo and Sons Year in Review Video

12.06.2011 //

Scum Co and Sons is a small brand out of the East Coast doing good things. Awesome screen printed decks, good team of lovable dirtbags, and shit like that. They just release their Year in Review video with sick skating of shitty spots. Enjoy!

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Crailtap Top 5 with Andrew Brophy

12.06.2011 //

The guy I always mis-say his name as Adrian Brody who can tre bomb a goddamn picnic table has a Crailtap Top 5 up for you to enjoy.


Bones Brigade Documentary Gets Into Sundance Film Festival

12.06.2011 //

Stacey Peralta’s Bones Brigade documentary has been officially selected to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Not sure what other documentaries it’s up against but it should be pretty interesting seeing Lance, Tony and the boys mingling with the Hollywood A listers.