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Josiah Gatlyn and Jonathan Pierce at Carmel Valley

12.02.2011 //

A little skatepark edit from Josiah and J Pierce.

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Gravis Filter Commercial with Dylan and Sammy

12.02.2011 //

Gravis has a little video of Dylan Rieder and Sammy Winter pushing through the desolate streets of Tokyo in the Filter shoe model.

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Globe Bantam Cruiser Commercial

12.02.2011 //

Don’t be an ass, go ahead and check out this commercial for Globe’s new Bantam cruiser board chock-fulla them attractive female tops in various degrees of undress.


Introducing B TRUE – The PJ Ladd Apparel Collection

12.01.2011 //

Fresh Plan B clip w/ some dope skating from PJ..

Introducing B TRUE, the PJ Ladd Apparel Collection

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Gilbert Crockett Life Splicing

12.01.2011 //

For Alien Workshop’s Life Splicing No. 05 they got Gilbert Crockett ripping up a bunch of crusty East Coast spots. On point as always.


Built to Shred Season 4 Premiere

12.01.2011 //

Host and DIY builder Jeff King dreams-up, designs, and creates strange and awesome obstacles for top skateboarders to shred. Season 4 brings you some of the best builds ever seen, and the all-star cast rises to the occasion to shred the hell out of these new features. Make sure to check out season 4 of Built To Shred premiering Thursday, December 1 at 10pm ET/7pm PT.

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Menace Epicly Later’d

12.01.2011 //

Pat O’Dell cracks an egg of knowledge and skate history down upon y’all with t his episode of Epicly Later’d featuring the infamous Menace team.

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Cooper Wilt’s Goofin’ Off iPhone Video

11.30.2011 //

Almost Skateboards’ Cooper Wilt put together a little homie-esque iPhone video from skateparks and random snakebirding around the globe. Enjoy

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Miniramp Minute With Jamie Thomas

11.30.2011 //

The Chief aka J-Kwon the Chef aka Jamie Thomas aka Black Box Bigwig stars in a down south production of the miniramp minute in this video.

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Thunder Welcomes Chris and Zach Miller

11.30.2011 //

Thunder Trucks welcomes a legacy of steez with Chris Miller and his son Zach.


World’s Derek Fukuhara Welcome Video

11.29.2011 //

To welcome the likes of Derek Fukuhara to their lineup, World Industries presents Derek’s welcome vid. Enjoy.

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Baker Boys in Their Wearhouse

11.29.2011 //

Reynolds, Ellington, Greco, Goat (Baker’s newest pro) and a few others shred the Baker Boys Distribution makeshift park and say Don’t Do Me Like Dat