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Gravis Filter Commercial with Dylan and Sammy

12.02.2011 //

Gravis has a little video of Dylan Rieder and Sammy Winter pushing through the desolate streets of Tokyo in the Filter shoe model.

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Globe Bantam Cruiser Commercial

12.02.2011 //

Don’t be an ass, go ahead and check out this commercial for Globe’s new Bantam cruiser board chock-fulla them attractive female tops in various degrees of undress.


Introducing B TRUE – The PJ Ladd Apparel Collection

12.01.2011 //

Fresh Plan B clip w/ some dope skating from PJ..

Introducing B TRUE, the PJ Ladd Apparel Collection

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Gilbert Crockett Life Splicing

12.01.2011 //

For Alien Workshop’s Life Splicing No. 05 they got Gilbert Crockett ripping up a bunch of crusty East Coast spots. On point as always.


Built to Shred Season 4 Premiere

12.01.2011 //

Host and DIY builder Jeff King dreams-up, designs, and creates strange and awesome obstacles for top skateboarders to shred. Season 4 brings you some of the best builds ever seen, and the all-star cast rises to the occasion to shred the hell out of these new features. Make sure to check out season 4 of Built To Shred premiering Thursday, December 1 at 10pm ET/7pm PT.

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Menace Epicly Later’d

12.01.2011 //

Pat O’Dell cracks an egg of knowledge and skate history down upon y’all with t his episode of Epicly Later’d featuring the infamous Menace team.

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Cooper Wilt’s Goofin’ Off iPhone Video

11.30.2011 //

Almost Skateboards’ Cooper Wilt put together a little homie-esque iPhone video from skateparks and random snakebirding around the globe. Enjoy

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Miniramp Minute With Jamie Thomas

11.30.2011 //

The Chief aka J-Kwon the Chef aka Jamie Thomas aka Black Box Bigwig stars in a down south production of the miniramp minute in this video.

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Thunder Welcomes Chris and Zach Miller

11.30.2011 //

Thunder Trucks welcomes a legacy of steez with Chris Miller and his son Zach.


World’s Derek Fukuhara Welcome Video

11.29.2011 //

To welcome the likes of Derek Fukuhara to their lineup, World Industries presents Derek’s welcome vid. Enjoy.

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Baker Boys in Their Wearhouse

11.29.2011 //

Reynolds, Ellington, Greco, Goat (Baker’s newest pro) and a few others shred the Baker Boys Distribution makeshift park and say Don’t Do Me Like Dat

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Ambush at Westchester

11.29.2011 //

Next Saturday December 10th 1PM at the Westchester Skate Park in LA DLXSF is having the Ambush at Westchester, one of the biggest demos they’ve ever organized with riders from Spitfire, Real, Fourstar and Nike SB.