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Enjoi Holiday 2011 Catalog: Acts of Desperation

11.15.2011 //

Enjoi posted their new batch of Holiday gear and as per usual: Awesome. Highlights include the Biography board series and the “Safety Word” beanie complete with a zipper mouth.

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Vans in China Blog Updates

11.15.2011 //

Chima, AVE, Pfanner, Allen and Gilbert are over in China and Vans is keeping you up to date with what’s going down with the boys. Check their blog to see all the behind the scenes shots of them filming for the new Vans video.

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Fallen Presents James Hardy’s First Shoe The Rambler

11.15.2011 //

Fallen’s got a sick video of James Hardy doing what he do best to introduce his first pro-model shoe (The Rambler), and that’s ramblin’ around the country, camping and killing it at life in general.

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Supra Presents Kevin Romar

11.15.2011 //

Supra is proud to announce that Kevin Romar is the newest member of the am team.


Harold Hunter Day V

11.14.2011 //

Harold Hunter Day V kicked off this weekend in NYC. All the skaters came out to remember Harold and have a skate at the Manhattan Bridge park, including Brandon Westgate, Zered Bassett, Eli Reed, Chad Muska, Jimmy McDonald, Joe Ron Deily, Tookmanian, Danny Falla, Kevin Tierney, Billy Rohan, Rodney Torres, and Steve Rodriguez. Check out RB Umali’s video recap as well.

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Almost x Liberty Impact Support Contest

11.14.2011 //

Libert Board Supply hosted a best trick contest at the Brea 12 and gave away a year’s supply of boards to the winner. Check out what went down and who won here.

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Mikey Taylor Answers Your DC Facebook Questions

11.11.2011 //

DC opened up the opportunity for everyone to ask Mikey Taylor some questions on Facebook and people jumped on it. Check out what Mikey had to say about his new shoe, Mikey Day’s, and more.


Nyjah Rise and Shine Now Available

11.11.2011 //

It’s 11.11.11. and your wish came true, Nyjah’s new Rise and Shine part is available on iTunes, and I’m sure on YouTube in no time provided you know the write search phrase or lurk the right message boards. Jaime downloaded it this morning and it’s pretty fucking gnarly. Hollywood High got proper fucked and Nyjah wasted no time going big all over the world.

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14 Minutes of John Cardiel

11.11.2011 //

A 5 song part of the one, the only John Cardiel. The Internet can be pretty cool sometimes.

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Brixton & Fender “Friendly Union”

11.10.2011 //

Brixton is proud to announce the release of our collaboration with Fender Guitars. The Brixton & Fender “Friendly Union” includes a limited edition Guitar Case and Record Case. Fender has created some of the most iconic guitars of all time, and Brixton has steadily grown into an established apparel brand creating timeless products that are inspired by many Fender supported artists.

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Ben Raybourn iPath Video Clip

11.10.2011 //

Big congrats to Ben Raybourn on going pro from everyone at Ipath. To help celebrate Ben’s new path, we put together some raw footage showcasing his pool skills.

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SB Chronicles Vol 1 Trailer

11.10.2011 //

Nike posted their trailer for SB Chronicles Volume 1 to get you hyped for the video drop and with the likes of Grant Taylor, Shimizu, Marnell, Youness, Chet, Wieger, and Clark Hassler, how could you not be.