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Active Video from the Toy Machine x Emerica Halloween Demo

11.01.2011 //

All dressed up for Halloween 2011 at Active Ride Shop Chino Hills was Toy Machine and Emerica teams ripping it up on a most bodacious street course. Video featuring Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Ed Templeton Collin Provost, Jerry, Spanky and more.

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Walker Ryan’s Pro Graduation Video Part

11.01.2011 //

Organika presents Graduation, celebrating Walker Ryan’s introduction into professional skateboarding.

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Jimmy McDonald eS x 5Boro Video and Shoe

10.31.2011 //

éS just put out this video featuring the new collaboration with 5Boro for Jimmy McDonald, and you should watch it right now. You’re already here, you might as well.

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Torey Pudwill on Nixon

10.31.2011 //

Nixon is proud to announce the newest addition of pro skater Torey Pudwill to the Nixon team. The current Nixon skate team unanimously voted Torey on and he now joins the likes of Tony Hawk, Paul Rodriguez, Andrew Reynolds, Bob Burnquist, Colin McKay, Danny Way, Ryan Sheckler and Rick McCrank.

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Manderson and Turkey Stopnik Ditchin’

10.31.2011 //

A few weeks back some of the Matix crew rallied for a trip North to El Capitan. Here’s some quick hitters from Manderson and Turkey.

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John Fitzgerald on Zero

10.31.2011 //

Slap’s OIAM John Fitzgerald is officially am for Zero and will have a part in Cold War. Check out some welcome footage/a new Cold War trailer here.

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Bones’ Mo’ Mondays

10.31.2011 //

Check out this week’s installment with Deathwish’s Moose!

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Atlanta Hates Us Halloween Montage

10.31.2011 //

Plunkett, David Clark and all the ATL homies got together for some Halloween shreddding. Check the vid!

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A Glimpse of Derrick Wilson

10.28.2011 //

DGK posted a look at their new rider Derrick WIlson ripping up Da Playground

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Scion RAT Tour Results and Recap

10.28.2011 //

Some video and a write up on the Regional Amateur Tour in Boerne, TX

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Watch and Win Omar Salazar Strike Anywhere

10.28.2011 //

Omar skates everywhere without any preconceived plan or objective just one spontaneous trick after another on anything and everything put in front of him. Check out the video and enter to win a set of Omar’s new wheels at in the Strike Anywhere contest.

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Nieratko Tours Grosso’s Place

10.28.2011 //

Grosso gives Nieratko the grand tour of his place in a pink robe in this Adventures with Chris.