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Dan Nepscha Turns Pro

10.24.2011 //

1031 Skateboards turned Dan Nepscha pro. Check the welcome video and a little pat on the back from Vox.

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Shepdawgs Volume 2

10.24.2011 //

Little posse video from Riley Hawk and his homies. Couple San Clemente loc’s in there too.

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New Think Skateboards Site and Spirit Animals

10.21.2011 //

Think just re-upped their website and also have a new video highlighting their most recent Spirit Animal board series.

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Hannah’s Hope and the “Walk to Cure Diabetes”

10.21.2011 //

This Year Ambig Clothing is Sponsoring Hannah’s Hope Group by Supplying the T-shirts. Ambig Art Director, Brian Young, will also be participating in the event, which raises funds to find a cure to diabetes. Donate and find out more here.


Jimmy Arrighi Has Left The Building At RVCA

10.21.2011 //

Jimmy Arrighi (a.k.a. WBD) has left the building at RVCA

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Mandalay Express Trailer and Interview

10.21.2011 //

Check out a trailer and an interview with the filmmaker who took an ecclectic crew to Southeast Asia for a visual traveling experience with some sweaty-ass skateboarding, and most likely, a lot of diarrhea.

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Walker Ryan Organika 11-1-11

10.21.2011 //

Organika posted a sick teaser for Walker Ryan’s going pro video that’s going to drop on the first of the month. Check the teaser and cruise back here once November hits. We got a big ass Walker Going Pro giveaway coming in with all of his sponsors, and another little something something that you’ll have to wait to see.

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PinkyVision x Flip Skateboards

10.20.2011 //

British psychedelic artist, Pinky, has a new series of boards for Flip Skateboards. Check out a little bit about Pinky and what went into the designs for Penny, Rowley, and the rest in this video interview.

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LRG Park Crashers

10.20.2011 //

The LRG stopped team (Sandoval, Marks, Felipe, Chico, Rodrigo Petersen, Kelly Hart, Adelmo) by the Active park and ripped it for a bit

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Classic Clips: Jamie Thomas

10.20.2011 //

Joe Krolick’s got some new-old footage of the Chief skating an odd truck-barrier set-up. Looks like either his 411vm Day in the Life or from the Chomp on This days.

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Part 3 of Volcom’s Canada Tour

10.20.2011 //

Part 3 of Busenitz, Suski, Gravette and the Volcom team cruising through Canadia is up live right here for your eyes to pleasure themselves to.


Vans Off The Wall Southwest Tour in ALB Today!

10.20.2011 //

Today’s stop on our Southwest skate tour is a signing at Industrial Ride Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico Thursday, October 20th.