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Dan Drehobl On Ergophobia

10.17.2011 //

ERGO is pleased to welcome a man of wealth and taste. A man whose likeness graced the covers of three out of four skate mags in one month. A man who can cook one hell of a sausage and sees absolutely no shame in treating himself to a pickle.

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Mo Goes

10.14.2011 //

Looks like it’s official. Mike Mo is off Lakai.


Help Spread The Word For Kanten Russell Missing Daughter

10.14.2011 //

Help spread the word for our friend Kanten Russell whose daughter has gone missing. Check the image for information on how you can help. Keep the Russell’s in your thoughts.

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JoJo’s Tweet Is Live

10.14.2011 //

Joey Brezinski’s “JoJo’s Tweets” brand is now it’s own page over at Redbull. Go check it out for new episodes each week from the hardest working man in skateboarding.

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Second Annual Rob Dyrdek Foundation Benefit

10.11.2011 //

October 15th at the Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles. Rob, Will.I.Am, Dana White, and other celebs to be in attendance to raise funds for the Foundation aimed at building safe and legal public skate spots and plazas.

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Heverton Ribeiro Book Release and Photo Show

10.10.2011 //

Thursday Night at the FIND Gallery in Costa Mesa. Pro skate photographer Heverton Ribeiro from Brazil will be releasing a new book with a gallery show and signing. Proceeds going to the Next Up Foundation. DJ Knowledge, food, wine, Brazilian drinks and good times!

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Antihero Introduces Their Rollternative Sports Products

10.07.2011 //

Frank Gerwer and Antihero present to you, Rollternative sports products for all of your alternative sportsing needs.

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Josh Kalis Answers Your Facebook Questions

10.07.2011 //

DC threw out the opportunity to ask Josh Kalis some questions on Facebook and people jumped on it. Check out what Josh had to say about Skating Love park, why he started skating, and more

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10.07.2011 //

WOW. Just when you think a person could not sellout anymore…along comes this…


RVCA And Off! Collaborate On Music Video

10.04.2011 //

RVCA And Off! Collaborate on a music video for the song “Crawl” featured on the band’s album with former Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris and skate legend Mario Rubalcaba

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Ryan Flynn No Posers Photo Show

10.04.2011 //

All this month our buddy Ryan Flynn has his No Posers show going at the Youngblood Gallery in ATL. Check it out!

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Etnies Little Creatures Down Under

10.04.2011 //

The Etnies team went down under and brought back some photos and video. Apparently this Jose Rojo fellow is a big draw for ladies at skate demos in Australia. Starring Nick Garcia, Sheckler, Rojo, Bledsoe, Ryan Pearce, and Kyle Leeper with a Boserio guest trick.