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Antihero Skateboards | Fucktards

09.28.2011 //

Have you ever seen Antihero’s first skate video from 1994? A lot of people haven’t. You can check it out here thanks to Tobin Yelland.

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New Vans Skate Team Commercial by Greg Hunt

09.28.2011 //

New commercial from the Vans team with appearances by Anthony Van Engelen, Alex Olson, Pfanner, Rowley, Chima, Gilbert… Pretty much the whole squad.

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Matty Hunt Whoa of the Week

09.28.2011 //

Metro Skateshop rider and OIAM alum currently getting shit from Krooked, Gravis and others. He is also Metro’s Whoa of the Week with sick, stylish skating.

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This is Krew | Kevin Romar

09.28.2011 //

Krew has a welcome video up for Kevin Romar. Short and sweet and all street.

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Reese Forbes at Door 33

09.27.2011 //

Reese Forbes hit up the Quiksilver Door 33 skatepark for a little skateboard edit fun.

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Magenta NYC Time Capsule Video

09.27.2011 //

The Magenta Skateboards team hit up NYC and cruised around and came up with a cozy little capsule of footage. It’s not a 4 year footage mission, just a day in the filming life from the likes of Magenta team riders, Soy Panday, Vivien Feil, Jimmy Lannon and others.

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DC Europe Riot Tour

09.27.2011 //

DC Riot Tour In Europe featuring Chris Cole, Mikey Taylor, Nick Dompierre, Matt Miller, Evan Smith, Wes Kremer, Davis Torgerson, Michael Sommer, Antony Lopez, Josef Scott, and Madars Apse Footage from Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Cologne, Helsinki and Malmo.

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Emerica Presents Trevor Colden

09.27.2011 //

It only took one trip with Trevor Colden for the entire Emerica team to give him a thumbs up. That’s no easy task.That said, Emerica proudly welcomes Trevor Colden to the team.

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eS Presents Bobby Vs. The Edgar Video

09.26.2011 //

Bobby Worrest’s new video part is out there for all to view now. You can view it here since you’re here already.

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Santa Cruz Welcomes Travis Erickson

09.26.2011 //

Travis is from Wisconsin, but has been ripping SF up for a spec. He’s fucking sick. Check out his welcome video and a little extra right here.

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09.26.2011 //

Guess Who?

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Geoff Rowley Classic Clips

09.25.2011 //

Four minutes of Geoff Rowley skating. Another quality Classic Clip from Joe Krolick.