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Mark Suciu: On the Road

09.24.2011 //

With a little inspiration from Kerouac, Suciu made the cross country trek from San Jose to Philly

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Thunder x Dylan Rieder x Hobo Wine Collab

09.23.2011 //

Signature shoe? Meh. Signature board? Ok. Signature wine? Oh yeahhhhhh.

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Neckface’s Top 5 Gripes with Crailtap’s Mini Top 5s

09.23.2011 //

Neck Face gripes about Crail Tap’s mini top 5s. Number one gripe is probably the lack of King Diamond or Nachos in the mini top 5s.

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Sunday Skateshop Presents Whatever the Weather

09.23.2011 //

Sunday skate shop out in Buffalo, NY has a brand new shop video called Whatever the Weather. Check out Jake Donnelly & Dan Plunkett’s part and post your own video filmed with your local shop on the Deluxe Facebook page to win whatever you want from Real, Thunder, & Spitfire, plus a copy of Sunday’s Whatever the Weather video


“Travel Well” – Chad Tim Tim Cruiser Board

09.23.2011 //

Even the most skilled street skaters love a board for cruising around town, and Chad Tim Tim is no exception. Chad designed two shapes that are ideal for navigating streets of Long Beach en route to his local Taqueria and corner store. Peep his new cruiser here!

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Shorebreak Baby Behind the Baby

09.22.2011 //

Some rando Shorebreak Baby boomers shredding SF and Burnside. Appearances from T-MO, Julien Stranger, and more.

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RVCA Europe Introduces Octavio Barrera

09.22.2011 //

RVCA Europe introduces Octavio Barrera, a ripper currently living in Barcelona who’s enrolled in University full time.

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New Palace Skateboards Trailer

09.21.2011 //

Trailer for Tres Trill

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DC Presents the Embassy

09.21.2011 //

DC has a new TF of sorts in Barcelona and a new video of Wes Kremer shredding it.

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Deluxe Distribution Helping A.Skate Foundation Win 50K Grant From Pepsi

09.21.2011 //

Our friends over at Deluxe Distribution have set up a site to make it very easy for you to help with the voting that will help A.Skate Foundation win a grant from Pepsi for $50,000 to keep putting on clinics that help children with Autism through skateboarding. Check out the site and see how you can help.

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Baker Deathwish Hit Da Playground

09.21.2011 //

On the Baker Deathwish tour, they had time to stop by Stevie Williams’ Playground and film a quick little recess clip. Neen Williams, Terry Kennedy, Moos, Andrew Reynolds and Figgy hold it down hord.

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Dekline Brand Spotlight with Chad Tim Tim

09.21.2011 //

Chad Tim Tim takes Active Ride Shop on a tour through the Dekline Footwear headquarters at Tum Yeto to take a peak into what makes the brand what it is. Tod Swank shows up to give a little history and insight that only Swank can.