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Dane Burman Cold War Interview

09.08.2011 //

Dane Burman has a new interview with Zero team manager, Chris “Bama” Bodiford on their new video, Cold War.


RVCA Liberty Board Shop BBQ/ Signing/ Demo

09.08.2011 //

Come out and see RVCA’s Leo Romero, Kevin Spanky Long, Julian Davidson, Ed Templeton and more shred it up for Liberty Board Shop. Check the flyer for more info.

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Billabong Damn Good Denim

09.07.2011 //

Ben Gore makes an appearance in the Billabong Denim commercial

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Emerica Outsiders Video

09.07.2011 //

Emerica’s got a new video up from their Outsiders tour through Europe with Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Bryan Herman, Brandon Westgate, Jerry Hsu, Eniz Fazliov, and some of Emerica’s other international riders.

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Plan B Demos and Signing This Weekend

09.06.2011 //

Check out Plan B riders Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, PJ Ladd, Danny Way, Colin McKay and more for a demo at the VANS skate park on Friday, and a signing at the Element store on Saturday.


Help Wanted: Help Our Associate Editor Be a Bigger Dick

09.06.2011 //

Help get us to 50,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook and we’ll make our associate editor wear a dick costume all day and take him skating.


Remembering Van Wastell

09.06.2011 //

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years to the day that the skate world lost an amazing skater in Van Wastel. We miss him dearly and our thoughts still go out to his family and friends. The guys over at interviewed Van’s brother, Eddie, and there’s some great stories that he shares. Also, check out the flyer for the Van Wastell skate jam at Skatelab this month. Come out if you can and remember a fallen friend.

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Andrew Reynolds Wins Maloof DC

09.06.2011 //

Ren Ren won 160 G’s over the weekend and Ishod Wair whooped up in the Am division. Chock up a win for true street skateboarders. Video, results and a short write up within.

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Arto’s Pool

09.06.2011 //

From the birth of his backyard pool to it in its present shreddable state, here’s a video from Gravis Footwear with Arto Saari documenting the journey.

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WESC Welcomes Eli Reed

09.06.2011 //

WESC has a welcome video for their newest addition to the skate program, Eli Reed.

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Watch and Learn with Chad Tim Tim

09.06.2011 //

Chad Tim Tim gives you the how to on a switch crooked grind and Active is offering up a chance to win a year’s supply of Dekline shoes.

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Classic PJ

09.06.2011 //

Joe Krolick hooked up another classic batch of skate footage, this time with PJ Ladd.