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5 Boro Fall 2011 Montage

08.16.2011 //

5BORO is proud to drop their Fall Clip featuring the 5B Crew skating NYC, cut to one of their favorite Miles Davis tracks “So What”.

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Think Skateboards Dumpster Diving Volume 2

08.16.2011 //

Think Skateboards has a new montage up of leftover footage from their upcoming full length video. It’s definitely leftover more than throwaway footage, with some bangin clips from the likes of Dave Bachinsky, Russ Milligan, Jeremy Reeves, Cody McEntire, Josh Matthews, Lee Yankou, Adrian Williams and Danny Fuenzalida.

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Tony Hawk Pool Mission

08.15.2011 //

Tony Hawk and some friends headed off into the Inland Empire to shred some pools. The water probably evaporated right into the ether.

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ATM Click New Catalog

08.12.2011 //

The ATM Click has a new catalog they just released. Check out the goodies

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The Most Interactive Deluxe Catalog To Date

08.12.2011 //

When 200 misdrilled skate decks showed up to Deluxe, they decided to make lemonade out of lemons and print their Fall catalog on the boards.

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ABD Interviews Jason Lee

08.10.2011 //

Chrome Ball Incident interviews skateboard renaissance man Jason Lee for a new exclusive interview on Already Been Done

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Select Distribution Re-Issues Tons of Old School Decks From the ’80s

08.09.2011 //

Finally, someone has re-issued some of the classic old school decks from the 80s like Vision’s Gonz and Gator decks. Selectsk8 has ton more. Check it out.

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Etnies Releases Mike Manzoori’s Panoramic Film ‘Aimless’

08.08.2011 //

Today Etnies put up Mike Manzoori’s panoramic film Etnies up on their site. If you can recall, Kyle Leeper’s rain skating video, you’ll know that Etnies has been putting together some quality skate clips lately and this one is no different. Aimless delves a bit into the “artsy” side of skate film, but it’s not […]

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Dan Drehobl Gets a Chrome Ball Spotlight

08.08.2011 //

Chrome dug through the crates and brought up some Corpsey gems.

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Rich Adler is Pro, Traffic Skateboards’ New Catalog is Live

08.08.2011 //

You heard it here third, Rich Adler is officiallly pro. Check out his new boards in addition to some classy designs from Traffic Skateboards

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Postcard from China with Rodrigo TX

08.08.2011 //

The last one in the postcard trilogy. Rodrigo TX responds from China to the postcard he got from Javier Sarmiento from Thailand.

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Magenta’s SF Hill Street Blues

08.08.2011 //

Magenta’s got their SF Hill Street Blues on DVD along with their NYC time capsule. Check out their SF footage here and see where you can pick up a copy of the DVD.