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“Solus” by Ricki The Dude

08.08.2011 //

Etnies filmer and all around nice guy Ricki Bedenbaugh put together this video for Lossa Engineering and their Yamaha SR500. If you’re into motorcycles, filming, or editing, you should give it a look.

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Insights with Andrew Reynolds

08.05.2011 //

During part one of Insight with Andrew Reynolds, Andrew gives us a brief history of his sponsors, from G&S to starting Baker. Includes interviews with Tony H…

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Classic Cardiel

08.05.2011 //

All Cardiel is classic Cardiel, but Joe Krolick put together an edit of some previously unseen Cards footage. No better way to start your day.

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Etnies Sheckler 5 and Malto 2 Drop

08.04.2011 //

The new etnies Sheckler 5 and Malto 2 pro model shoes dropped are are available in shops now. Check out the shoes, and some video from Etnies that’ll divulge a little insider information on the two new models.

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New Flip Fall/Winter 2011 Catalog

08.04.2011 //

Check out the new Flip Fall/Holiday 2011 catalog.

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Postcards from Thailand

08.04.2011 //

Javier sends us and éS a video postcard from Thailand.


Blitz 2011 Fall Catalog

08.03.2011 //

Take a look at the new Blitz Distribution catalog (Black Label, Baker, Revolution, etc) and what went into Chris Troy’s cover shot.

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On the Crail Couch with Carroll

08.03.2011 //

The Couch gets a visit by Carroll because the Mez made him.

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Austyn Gillette at Door 33

08.02.2011 //

Austyn and his dog Walter stopped by the Quiksilver skatepark, Door 33, for a few laps.

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Another Antihero Catalog Drop

08.01.2011 //

Check out Pfanner live at the Roxy, Franks Reading Rainbows, Children of Peter Hewitt, DJ Juan Love and some all new Collaboffs in the new Antihero Summer Catalog Drop 2.

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New Think Skateboards Promo

08.01.2011 //

Full length video coming Winter 2011. The trailer’s a doozy, so you know the real deal is going to be the REAL DEAL

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Elijah Berle on the Crail Couch

08.01.2011 //

Chocolate’s own, Elijah Berle on the Crail Couch.