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Sean Malto and Sebo Walker Thailand Demo

03.20.2013 //

After a recent trip to India (article coming out in Skateboarder soon) Sean Malto and Sebo Walker went up to Thailand and helped out Siam Skateboard Association by putting on a demo. Good shit!

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Simon Evans for Altamont

03.20.2013 //

Artist and former pro, Simon Evans, has designed two t-shirts for Altamont. Check out his video and shirts inside.

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03.20.2013 //

Marek Zaprazny just did an exclusive part for Hellaclips. It’s just as good as the one he did for us. Might as well go and enjoy both!

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03.20.2013 //

Roger Skateboards turns Nate Lacoste pro. Check out his video with a bunch of rad footage inside.

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MJ Lost & Lakai’d Video & New Catalog

03.19.2013 //

Lakai just dropped their Spring 13 catalog along with a new edit of even more MJ Pretty Sweet B-sides that were unused. Damn, that boy looks good on a board.

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How Mark Appleyard Got Into Skateboarding

03.19.2013 //

Arnette has a rad video with Mark Appleyard talking about how he got into skateboarding and what got him to where he is now. Check it out. It’s a good one.

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Evan Smith EV and Flow

03.19.2013 //

The Berrics has a fucking gnarly video of Evan Smith ripping the park. Holy shit. No wonder he’s Pro now! Can’t wait for “The Evan Smith Experience” video that drops 3/21/13.

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Gino Pretty Sweet Remix

03.19.2013 //

Brick Harbor made a fucking sick reedit of Gino Iannucci’s Pretty Sweet footage plus a few extras. Watch this now.

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Enjoi Spring 2013 Catalog

03.19.2013 //

Enjoi has their Spring 2013 catalog live featuring a bunch of videos and rad product.

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Who The F#Ck Is Chris Russell

03.19.2013 //

Creature skateboards introduces Chris Russell and his savage concrete skills in this “Who the F#ck?” by Strange Notes.

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03.19.2013 //

Skaters Atlas has a new trailer up for their Bangkok issue. Check it out inside.


Is Skateboarding Ready To Openly Embrace A Transgender Skater?

03.19.2013 //

Our friends over at just did a story about Hillary Thompson, a transgender skater from North Carolina. Jenkem continues her story, that was original brought to light by KingShit magazine, by digging deeper into Hillary’s past by finding out exactly what she has gone through, her family, transition process and attempts to raise the question…

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