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Peter Ramondetta for Loud Headphones

03.04.2013 //

Peter Ramondetta has a quick video with a trick and a full song for Loud Headphones. Check it out inside.

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Mark Del Negro Bones Swiss Video

03.04.2013 //

Bones Swiss has some sick footage of Mark Del Negro in ripping some spots in California.

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Nick Jensen Knows Thunder Trucks

03.04.2013 //

Check out Nick Jensen’s newest edit from London for the newest Thunder Trucks Knows video.

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Politic Welcomes Danny Renaud in Miami

03.04.2013 //

Politic welcomes Danny Renaud to the team with this rad video in Miami.

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Mike Mo Dr. Pepper 3D Documentary

03.04.2013 //

Check out this 2D (or 3D if you’ve got the glasses) Mike Mo Capaldi Dr.Pepper mini documentary. Also, enter for a chance to win a ‘One of a Kind Mike Mo Skate Pack’. Check the videos out inside.

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Free Lunch with Dan Murphy

03.04.2013 //

Dan Murphy gets a Free Lunch and talks about super maneuvers, filming girlfriends, and more.

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Lewis Marnell tribute ONE LOVE

03.01.2013 //

Jason Hernandez made an amazing tribute video for Lewis Marnell. If you watch anything today let it be this. RIP!


5&5 With Marius Syvanen

03.01.2013 //

In this 5&5 for OJ Wheels and Indy, Marius breaks down his nickname, dodging the Finnish Army and why he rides for OJ over a friendly game of ping pong with guest shredder Jimmy Cao.

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03.01.2013 //

Check out the commercial for DGK and Chicago’s Uprise Skate Shop collab board. Graphic’s look rad.


Tom Knox joins new board company

03.01.2013 //

Tom Knox joins fellow Brits, Paul Shier and Nick Jensen on their new board company. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

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Weekend Buzz with the McClungs

03.01.2013 //

Trent & Trevor McClung talk about brotherhood, insta-bumps, Baker makers and a lot more on this week’s Weekend Buzz.

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Evan Smith WhatIt.Be Interview

03.01.2013 //

WhitIt.Be has a rad “Before Professional Status” interview with Evan Smith along with some sick new footage. Click through to check it out.