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Bro Style BBQ and Skate Jam

02.26.2013 //

Bro Style is doing a demo and BBQ at Westchester park in LA this Saturday March 2nd. Check out the flyer for more info.

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Clint Peterson Art Show “Conversations with a Pine Cone”

02.26.2013 //

Clint Peterson teamed up with Stereo and WESC and put together a rad art show. Check out the video from the event.

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At Home With Caswell Berry

02.26.2013 //

Caswell Berry shares a slice of his home life with us and shreds the Sunnyvale park in this “At Home” for Krux, Ricta and Strangenotes.

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Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi 2013 Highlights

02.25.2013 //

Check out this highlight video from the Vans Bowl-A-Rama Bondi bowl. Good shit.

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adidas Skateboarding in Tokyo with Silas and Friend

02.25.2013 //

adidas Skateboarding has a rad video of Silas and other team riders hitting the streets of Tokyo all at night. Such a rad video.

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NJ Scum Habitat Montage

02.25.2013 //

NJ Scum has a sick montage of old and new Habitat footage. Check it out. Good shit.

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New Etnies Cairo Foster Shoe The Gilman

02.25.2013 //

Etnies just released Cairo Foster’s new pro shoe, The Gilman. Check out their site for a rad Cairo feature and you can win a pair for yourself plus Cairo’s Enjoi board too.

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Bones Bearings Team at La Puente Skatepark

02.22.2013 //

The Bones team hits the La Puente park. Check out the goods inside.

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02.22.2013 //

Globe has a cool video with Mark Appleyard cruising around some spots in Hawaii.

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Independent Truck Raw Ams Shawn Hale

02.22.2013 //

Independent has a fucking sick Raw Ams video featuring over 3 minutes of gnarly footage from Shawn Hale. This dude rips!!

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Bondi Bowl-A-Rama Day One and Two

02.22.2013 //

Vans recaps day one and two of the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama. Be sure to catch the live stream this afternoon.

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Small Wheel Ben Fisher Commercial

02.22.2013 //

Small Wheels has a quick but rad commercial featuring Ben Fisher doing a big backside flip over a fire hydrant. Check it out inside.