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Servant Footwear Welcomes Mike Vallely

02.05.2013 //

Sweden shoe company Servant Footwear welcomes Mike Vallely as their first American rider. Click through for more info.

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Fly Society Santa Ana Park Video

02.05.2013 //

Fly Society hits the Santa Ana Park with Evan Hernandez, Jacob Walder and Mikey Haywood.

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Axion Soul to Sole with Dave Bachinsky

02.05.2013 //

Dave Bachinsky shreds Lincoln skate park and talks about the Axion “Olympus” shoe.

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CCS Trick Mix with Shuriken Shannon

02.05.2013 //

CCS celebrates 40 years of Santa Cruz with this sick video of Shuriken Shannon. Check it out.

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Independent Ride the Best Fuck the Rest Julian Davidson Video

02.04.2013 //

Independent has a sick Ride the Best Fuck the Rest video featuring Julian Davidson. Good shit!

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New Eazy handle for Sony FS 700

02.04.2013 //

Friend of the mag and lead Nike videographer Jason Hernandez just created a new handle for the Sony FS 700. If you’ve got one then you should buy this handle. If not, watch the skating at the end featuring Ishod Wair, Eric Koston, Justin Brock, Youness Amrani, Rodrigo Peterson and Christian Maalouf.

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New $lave Website

02.04.2013 //

$lave has a sick new website with a whole bunch of photos, videos and products. Go check it out!

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Alec Majerus part from Best Friends

02.04.2013 //

Check out Alec Majerus’s part from Best Friends. It’s no surprise this kid is going places. Damn!

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Lucky Bearings Introduces Willy Akers

02.04.2013 //

Willy Akers has a sick welcome part for Lucky Bearings. This guy kills it!

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02.04.2013 //

Shake Junt has a quick video with Kevin Romar doing some mess around lines.

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The Weekend Buzz with Lee Dupont, Pete Eldridge & Lannie Rhodes

02.01.2013 //

The Weekend Buzz admits this may be their gayest show ever. Find out for yourself.


Chrome Ball Ryan Gee Interview

02.01.2013 //

Legendary east coast photographer Ryan Gee gets Chrome Balled. Good shit!