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1031 Skateboards Rick Rossi Red Tape Video

01.30.2013 //

1031 has a rad video with Rick Rossi showing off their different board shapes that are not just for cruising.

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Skate Mental Spring 2013 Catalog

01.30.2013 //

Skate Mental has a great new catalog filled with funny shit and awesome product. Check it out!

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Quiksilver in Texas

01.30.2013 //

Quiksilver hits some spots in Texas with Jake Donnelly, David Clark and Reese Forbes.

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SKATELINE with Shane O’Neill, Vincent Alvarez, Jake Donnelly, and More

01.30.2013 //

Skateline give you a run down of all the latest skate news. Click through and get informed while laughing.

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New Royal Trucks Site & Cory Kennedy Commercial

01.29.2013 //

Royal Trucks just redid their site and it looks real nice. They also posted this sick Cory Kennedy commercial to melt your eyeballs! Check it.

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Krooked Rocket Zinger

01.29.2013 //

Check out this commercial for the new Krooked Rocket Zinger featuring Mike Anderson. Also, check out their new catalog.

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Rolling Through the Shadows

01.29.2013 //

Photographer Mark Whitely has teamed up with Leica to introduce a new blog series called Rolling Through the Shadows which with feature portfolios from Jerry Hsu, Rick McCrank, Leo Romero, Todd Jordan, Arto Saari, Raymond Molinar and Ray Barbee, Ed Templeton, Thomas Campbell, and photographers Mark Whiteley, Joe Brook and more.

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At Home with Don “The Nuge” Nguyen

01.29.2013 //

Independent has a sick video with Don “The Nuge” Nguyen. Click through to check out his house and some skating.

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Nike Skateboarding Inspired by Koston: Cory Kennedy

01.29.2013 //

Cory Kennedy remembers Koston’s Chop days in the newest Nike Inspired video.

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Crailtap’s Lost & Filmed: Guy Mariano

01.28.2013 //

Crailtap just posted their Lost & Filmed with some Guy Mariano gems that didn’t make the cut for Pretty Sweet. All Hail Mariano!

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Brain Farm Welcomes Ty Evans

01.28.2013 //

Brain Farm Cinema welcomes Ty Evans to their filming team in this video introduction. Expect to see some a skate film from them and Ty set to be released sometime in 2014.

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RAT Tour Winners Videos and Bio

01.28.2013 //

The RAT tour has come to an end and Dakota Camp and Will Cortez came out on top. Click through to see their best of video and read a quick bio about them.