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RAT Tour Winners Videos and Bio

01.28.2013 //

The RAT tour has come to an end and Dakota Camp and Will Cortez came out on top. Click through to see their best of video and read a quick bio about them.

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Mike Mo in Slow Mo

01.28.2013 //

Adam Shomsky has some sick clips of Mike Mo in slow mo from Pretty Sweet.

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A 5B Minute with Rob Gonyon

01.28.2013 //

5BORO has a sick video with Rob Gonyon skating and cruise through Queensboro.

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01.28.2013 //

Check out C1RCA’s Brat’s & Brews Germany Tour with Walker Ryan, Windsor James, Robbie Brockel, Ben Hatchell and the C1RCA Germany Team Patrick Rogalski, Flo Westers, Christoph Radtke and Kerem Elver.

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The Weekend Buzz with Brandon Biebel & Jeron Wilson Part 1 & 2

01.25.2013 //

Brandon Biebel & Jeron Wilson are the newest guests on The Weekend Buzz. Check out both parts as they talk about Dime Squad, brawls, bar tricks and much more.

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Alex Midler Shreds P Rod’s Park

01.25.2013 //

Damn little man Alex Midler is good. Watch he rip P Rod’s skate park. He’s got’s one hell of a future.

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Quartersnacks Jahmal Williams ‘Lost Tapes’ Remix

01.25.2013 //

Quartersnacks has a sick Los Tapes Remix of a bunch of Jahmal Williams footage. So fucking sick!

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Kenny Anderson Loud Headphones Party Horn Demo

01.25.2013 //

Kenny Anderson demonstrates how loud the Loud Headphones Party Horn gets. Seems good to us!


New Bam Margera Game Show

01.25.2013 //

Bam Margera is slated to have his very own stunt-themed game show on TBS. Click through for more information.


Help Ricki Bedenbaugh Keep On Pushin’

01.25.2013 //

A few weeks ago, our good friend and skateboard filmer Ricki Bedenbaugh suffered a fractured skull from a skate related accident. The Sheckler Foundation has a very limited number of Ricki’s Keep On Pushin’ shirts for sale and all donations will go to help Ricki get back on his feet. Buy a shirt; help out the Dude.


Gino Iannucci Memory Screened

01.25.2013 //

Our friend and contributor to the mag Seb Carayol has a sick Memory Screened with Gino Iannucci. Click on over to check out some of his favorite graphics.

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New Quite Life Collection

01.25.2013 //

The Quite Life has a sick new collection of threads. Check it out here.