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Learning Curve with Vince Duran

01.25.2013 //

World has another trick tip video. This time learn fakie full cabs with Vince Duran.

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Jordan Maxham In Splif Mode

01.25.2013 //

Check out Jodan Maxham’s part in homie video Splif Mode.

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Win a $300 Flip Gift Card

01.24.2013 //

Join the official Flip mailing list and automatically be entered to win a $300 Flip gift card to the NHS Factory. Sounds like a good deal to us!

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New Krux 5.0 Trucks

01.24.2013 //

Krux has a cool video for their new 5.0 tucks not to be confused with the 5-0.

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Julien Stranger and John Cardiel in Hawaii for Vans Syndicate

01.24.2013 //

Vans Syndicate has a pretty wild video of Julien Stranger and John Cardiel skating in Hawaii. All of you Julien fans will be hyped on seeing this recent skate footage of him.

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Skaters Atlas Albuquerque Issue No.3 Promo

01.24.2013 //

Skaters Atlas has their Albuquerque trailer up. We’re looking forward to this one.

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Brave: Skateboarder Tommy Carroll Has Been Blind Since Age of 2

01.24.2013 //

Tommy Carroll has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two. Watch this awesomely shot video of Tommy skating his local park and get stoked. This will make your day and it’s truly inspirational.

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Eric Dressen Epicly Later’d Part 2

01.24.2013 //

The Eric Dressen Epicly Later’d continues with with close death of skateboarding and Eric hitting the streets.

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Nixon Spring 2013 Collection

01.24.2013 //

Nixon has a rad set of watching and other gear in their Spring 2013 collection. Check it out here.

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01.24.2013 //

Get a glimpse into Ben Nordberg’s life and how Venice Beach California is different than England.

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Pretty Sweet Lost & Filmed Clip with Vincent Alvarez.

01.24.2013 //

Holy hell a minute and a half of extra footage from Vincent Alvarez! DAMN!

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Guru Khalsa Imperial Motion Park Video

01.23.2013 //

Guru Khalsa shreds a park in Austin, TX with Jonathon Ettman and Max Taylor for Imperial Motion.