R.I.P. Charley Ford

By: | Monday, October 22, 2012 //

We are saddened to hear about the passing of skater Charley Ford. Charley was on the come up and had an amazing relaxed style that was definitely going to take him far in skating. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Charley’s family and friends. R.I.P. Charley. Here is a link to the L.A. Times write up about what happened.

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  • einstein

    Life dose’nt seem real when strong motivated brothers like charley ford get stolen from mother earth, always in memory forever in peace. Skate on bro!!!!!!!

  • shatoby

    My cousin was on the road of skate boarding I’m going to miss him so dearly he was a kind person,he didn’t like for people to say bye so we will always say talk to u later are see u later.I can remember like it was yesterday when he gave me a kiss on my hand n said I love shatoby that was my rite hand man I love u cousin may you rest an piece xoxoxoxo smooches my love :’(

  • Anthony from ignorant

    Man he skated so comfortable in this vid he was mad sick and i could definitely see him going pro …… sadly theres always a hater somewhere in the crowd of ppl in the world …..smh r.i.p charley ford it may not have been your time but you can definitely jam on in heaven skating the trip isn’t over yet…

  • Christina

    This guy was amazing, such a sad lost :( RIP!
    but he was smooth

  • og doozy

    RIP :(

  • Nathan

    Only just heard about poor Charley through the bad news, started watching bulk clips of him yesterday. Damn this guy was amazing, had a nice style & just down right fucking ripped on his board man.

    RIP dude from Australia.

  • trever

    miss skating with my bro on the block .. he showed me a lot its sad that we had to lose a great skater.. he was one of the best skater’s that i have ever skated with .. Miss you bro

  • Stephanie

    Rip love , gone but NEVER forgotten <3

  • Janai

    love my CJ Its gone be different not hearing those skateboard wheels at my cousins house <3 love you CJ R.I.P Wish It Ment Return If Possible

  • firethunder

    Only just heard about poor Charley through the bad news, i used to sk8 the village, This guy was amazing sk8er he will be missed

  • Justin

    Dam first heard about this on the news. Didnt really know who he was until i looked him up. This dude had mad style and was very chill and kind to people. It sucks to hear about a fellow Skater passing espcially one who was up and coming fast. R.I.P Bro you will be missed by all of us.

  • Alex

    R.I.P CJ amazing skater and never knew the person but looked such a good person to be with ;/ Keep skating homie! does anyone know how he passed away? ;s

  • jtastic

    An up-and-coming skateboarder named Charley Ford was fatally gunned down as he sat in a car in his hometown of Compton over the weekend, authorities said.


  • Vlad.K

    жалко когда такие люди умирают (( клёвый чувак .

  • Daniel

    R.I.P. from Germany ..

  • Dazapa

    Apenas me entere de el por un tweett, que mal!

  • monsta militia

    RIP from France

  • Никита

    R.I.P из Красного Луча

  • Erick Di Souza

    RIP Brazil

  • Ozy

    Rest in peace , bro !!!

  • mauro.p

    que descanses en paz:(

  • Игорь Moscow

    R.I.P from Moscow,Russia
    жалко парня очень.прогрессивный был

  • Kevin.H.

    R.I.P. From Finland

  • paranoiaparadise.com

    RIP, Charley. Hope you’ll have a good time waiting – until I’ll follow.

  • Samuel

    R.I.P From Canada

  • bayla

    R I P from los angeles.

  • Nico

    R.I.P ….from Germany :(

  • Max

    RIP From New Zealand

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucas.fernandes.headbanger Lucas Fernandes

    R.I.P From Brazil

  • Jakob Prankl

    R.I.P from austria :(

  • Frau

    R.I.P. from Italy.

  • Canaan Elders

    R.I.P……from Illinois

  • Goomba

    R.I.P. from Finland ;<

  • mikesb

    R.I.P from Greece

  • mikesb

    who killed this guy

  • mikesb

    very sorry :(