Rediscover DC

By: | Thursday, December 15, 2011 //

DC has big news coming up for the New Year. Check this teaser to see what that big news might be.

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  • Tota

    Anyone who disagrees with me is crazy! CRAZY! Like flitirn’ with Lindsey Lohan kinda crazy.If you were a boss, would you rather hire employees who are motivated by a pay cheque, or those who are motivated by doing exceptional things?If you were a car manufacturer, would you buy products from a supplier whose only concern is greater profit, or a supplier who takes pride in superior products?If you were a hockey GM, would you sign a player who only seems to play awesome during a contract year, or a player who absolutely loves doing great things on the ice?Yes, revenue and profit are important. They are the oxygen that feeds a business. And when I’m trickin’ out on my board in the half-pipe, I need oxygen man. But I don’t do it for the oxygen. I do it for the love of boardin’. Dude. That’s what makes me so rad.