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  • Tejaswini

    , I can’t help but think that it’s a healthy pulbic dialogue, and it’s great to see people like Chris and Leander and Brian being so candid. Condc3a9 has a bit of a black hole reputation, where people are afraid to say anything even after they leave.For all of its faults, the Wired site was always held up as a bar worth recognizing at Ars, even long before the Condc3a9 acquisition. I think a lot of things are done right there, even with the odd behind the scenes issues. BTW Joel, I still know people who refer to the two sides of the office and East and West Berlin.It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but IMHO one of the gaping holes over at Wired, and something Ars figured out a long time ago is how to really build and hold a community. Leander, I recall you picking Ken’s brain on the subject for a good hour once at the Wired office. The comments over at Wired have always seemed so cold in comparison.Really though, it seems to me that the fact that Condc3a9 didn’t bother to buy the site until a good 8 years after acquiring the print side pretty much says it all to me. The romance of print is king.