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  • Karim

    Given the labels on all your ptcuires, it seems you haven’t fully figured out how to make Lightroom’s picture labeling scheme work, either. It has me totally confounded, and my retired professional photog cousin Denny has given up and doesn’t use Lightroom’s photo manage/filing scheme at all. Perhaps I’ll figure it out now that I’ve got more time to dink with such things. I’m guessing the sign with the gun & brain & knives is indicating no drugs with the brain icon, but it would be nice to confirm that. Certainly glad to hear how well you guys are doing!! This is wonderful!

  • Brigitte

    Hi Julie, I’m another lukrer coming out of hiding to say I love your blog and check it out regularly to feel inspired (and envious of your food producing garden – we have no ripe tomatoes yet in our Melbourne garden). I think an SLR makes an enormous difference but I highly recommend you check out picnik before shelling out money for photoshop, just be careful not to go overboard with the effects – your photos are great and the trueness of the colour etc makes the subject all the more impressive.