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  • Yina

    I know that 80% of individuals who fuonticn on computers end up with back pain or sciatica just like I did. It is NOT fun. I don’t know if you have ever knowledgeable it, but considering the fact that you have a web page with lots of content I can assume that you spend at least a couple of hours every single day on the pc. I hope you are not already suffering with back pain or sciatica, in which case I suggest you start off positioning your workspace additional ergonomically and study about back well being and safety to avoid injuries! There aren’t a lot of that fuonticn without having to be resorting to dangerours surgeries like the one I was about to have in September! So I have justbeen trying to remind people today lately when I find a cool web site with a person who has clearly been working incredibly hard, that they should generally try to remember to sit with excellent posture at the computer!! Sorry for the unrelated comment but I assume it really is an crucial thing to remind individuals about. Cheers!!

  • zqhjht

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