Supra at Da Playground

By: | Wednesday, June 13, 2012 //

Supra‘s Keelan Dadd, Spencer Hamilton, Kevin Romar, Neen Williams, Nick Tucker, Pat Rumney and Boo Johnson shut down Da Playground. Check out this insanity!

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  • Roberto

    hoho, you guys really read these books?did you read the one by lenny? could find some stiupd arguements too.i think you guys were out of your mind a little bit criticizing Penrose’ understanding of physics though. many physicists could publish many waters like pp waves owing to his insights. and twistors are surely very useful stuff. they can even classify ADE singularities. it’s the way to find metrics on ALF, ALE spaces. these are important spaces, dual to brane configurations. not to mention twistors gave string theorists the latest boost to write some papers tangential on reality for a short while. THAT’S NOT the end, nowadays, you find AdS2 blackhole people trying to embed the BPS solution space into the whole Hilbert space, and transform the topological string wave function using TWISTOR transformation. so shut up and work everybody leave Penrose alone and don’t feel like you know much better. I think he’s been as professional in terms of contributions to science as one could possibly wish. and for string theory’s future, I hope those pheomenologists out there know how to test it properly because in my impression, they are the ones who gets embarrassed with string theory so much more pathetically. listening to a few unrepresentive ones of these physicists feels like listening to politicians, and literally they are! boring and stiupd.