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  • Giovanna

    Great discussion here. I’ve also had the plreusae of freelance writing for both HotWired (doing movie reviews back in Pop days) and for Wired mag doing gadget mini-reviews. And most of all, I’ve been watching Wired mag and as a new media writer/critic all the other years.I can understand the argument about doing better, trying more things, experimenting by being separated from the print mag. It has worked pretty well at separated from the print Post, and has done some award-winning work including the WikiScanner and experiments like Assignment Zero (even though it might not have been successful).But why exactly do the print magazine and online have to be separated forever? I think there would be much more opportunity for the sides to work together on projects like:> Bloggers cover topics incrementally, while print goes deep on the same subjects. (Probably already happening.)> Mag writers become beat bloggers and develop more sources through regular blogging.> Mag writers tap into databases of possible sources/readers culled from online, a la Public Insight Journalism project.> Magazine runs stories with more tie-ins, videos, audio and online content extras.I’m sure there are a ton of other ways they could work together, and not just editorially but in advertising and making money as well. Just saying Seems a shame to waste such a long-lasting brand.