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  • Bryan Bechtol

    I used that anology in presenting the Radius Ruler on youtube. My goal is to straighten it out for all students and teachers.

  • Bryan Bechtol

    Man! I went a long way around just send that last message, so I’m going to make the most of it. I have built a new facebook page to help all teachers and students to grasp the concept of radii. Check out the “Radius Ruler” on facebook. What I was referring to is the learning curve, I used in an anology on youtube on the video “Hole in the Education Sysem”. It has been so long since I posted that video, I don’t even know it it’s worth looking at. But, I do know the Radius Ruler on facebook is worth checking out. give it a like and leave some feebback if you would.


  • Loretta

    universal 的 pattern 如果我是 boggler 的 designer, 我一定会把这个作为一个研究题目. 私人化还是大众化, 这又是一个新的坐标轴了.我也有同样的焦虑, 我觉得可以理解成公共属性和私人属性的冲突, 这种冲突可能又是因为目的不那么单纯 例如我想, 嗯, 我还是应该让订阅数往上涨, 这样显得我牛逼一点; 但是我自己的私人属性又导致我老想往上面灌水. 这个冲突可以集中反映在我的twitter上 目标单纯一点, 更focus一点我想会好过一些, 所以有些人就分了两个blog吧.好了, 下一篇帖子会是《和木遥谈blog的期望》.@antingnerdy is from your personality, not from which discipline you like biology is really boring to me, but i guess physics or bloxes will make you bored too.装逼的话叫, nerdy是一种生活态度.

  • Kehox

    While I can’t claim to have excelled at (or even acelimatcd to) the idea, I picked up a great-sounding mantra from a recent software engineering class: make the simplest thing that could possibly work.Yes, yes but what about the library that could generalize this solution to all sorts of other tasks? Wouldn’t that be simpler in the long run?No, no. It just won’t be, and exactly for the reason you described. The only way to responsibly leverage your code-hours across many different projects is to map ALL projects out to ensure that no fatal flaws exist.So what’s easier? If you can’t make it simple enough, then use someone else’s library. Also from that class: one sure-fire way to become a super-programmer is to reuse code. Reusing code isn’t trivial you may still spend 3 days but it reduces the complexity of the problem. Coding a library AND software to use it is attacking one problem from two sides. Shoe-horning an existing library into your software produces a better-defined problem, so hopefully a proper solution is forthcoming.