Tum Yeto Ramp Footage

By: | Tuesday, May 29, 2012 //

Head over to the Tum Yeto site to check out their new mini ramp and see some of the team kill it.

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  • Fatma

    Beautiful! They really do grow up so fast. We are cbrnelatieg my daughter’s 12th today, and your post makes me feel like we are in the middle. Lots behind us, but a little further to go before she graduates. Congrats to you and your daughter. , that’s an important achievement.Sincerely,Sonja

  • Vasti

    not sure if they have one in your area, but I go to Flash Portraits. I happened by them b/c I had an appt with Picture People and they were rnuning an hour late (not a good thing with a child) so I went to Flash instead. They have way better pictures and the staff is wonderful!