Walker Ryan Organika 11-1-11

By: | Friday, October 21, 2011 //

Organika posted a sick teaser for Walker Ryan’s going pro video that’s going to drop on the first of the month.

Walker’s a bit of a workhorse so it’s good to see that he’s finally going pro for Organika. He had a killer part in the Zach and Walker video, another one in his SHUFFL video, and he’s been constantly traveling, logging clips, and getting out there all the while somehow managing to find time to attend school full time and graduate college. Not bad.

So check the teaser and cruise back here once November hits. We got a big ass Walker Going Pro giveaway coming in with all of his sponsors, and another little something something that you’ll have to wait to see.

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  • Anna

    FWIW, the Wisconsin Farmer’s Union (the coop farmers) and Family Farm Defenders lelary do support farmers and they have joined us on the square. WFU runs Kamp Kenwood a summer camp that teaches the cooperative economic model. They even have a disciplinary system that is non-hierarchal peer review (the campers police themselves by committee).