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    earlier, the manner in which Eric peetrnsed the literature in his comment (without commentary) certainly gave me the impression that he was using each of his selected excerpts as evidence to refute my position that genocide, as defined by the 1948 Convention, had not occurred in Darfur. Using Alexe28099s words to try to support the argument that genocide had occurred, when Alex now takes the position that genocide had not occurred, as defined by the 1948 Convention, had the appearance (to me) of being misleading. I counted each time that Eric used Alexe28099s words in this way as a e2809cstrikee2809d against Eric. I do not doubt that Musa Hilal sent the subject directive, nor do I believe that the directive should be overlooked when making a determination as to whether genocide took place in Darfur. My position is that the manner in which Eric peetrnsed this information was misleading.Finally, I would like to thank Eric for his comments, as they illuminate his thinking in this matter and the manner in which he arrives at his opinions.