Win a Piece of Skateboard History

By: | Wednesday, December 19, 2012 //

Brick Harbor and FTC have a brick from EMB autographed by a bunch of EMB legends. You can win it and a whole bunch of FTC gear on the Brick Harbor Facebook page. Click through for more details.

“Embarcadero, or EMB as it is more commonly referred to, was the epicenter of San Francisco’s skateboarding scene from the mid 80’s until its demise in 1996. In addition to hundreds of others, Mike Carroll, Henry Sanchez, Karl Watson, Jovantae Turner and most notably the Gonz all left their unique marks on this world famous spot. Local merchants eventually hired a 24-7 security guard to put a stop to skating at EMB which inevitably turned SF’s skate population towards pier 7.

More than 15 years later, Thanks to FTC and Brick Harbor, you have a chance to win an autographed actual brick from EMB signed by professional SF legends: Mike Carroll, Jovontae Turner, and Karl Watson, amongst others. Along with this amazing, one of a kind collectable, FTC is including a full “head to toe” kit from their current collection. Happy Holidays, right!?

Cruise right here ( for the details on how you can enter. Good luck!

(You can read more about EMB here – )” – Brick Harbor

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