Y Trap Deuce Full Video

By: | Monday, August 27, 2012 //

Some locals in the area put together a bangin’ homie video called Y Trap Deuce with footage from some up and comers like Jake Hill and Blake Spencer along with Greyson Fletcher and some other names you’re soon to be familiar with.

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  • hernando

    hellya i love american skate! rock n roll baby!

  • Susan

    i make cards because i love to, but have a feinrd who orders sets from me because she likes handmade things. yesterday, i heard from a feinrd of hers who ordered a set of 10 (!) in a shabby chic style. now, my style is more clean and graphic how am i gonna do this?!first i googled no luck. then i tried to remember the names of those whose style fit who had appeared in your magazine found some great blogs, but not really any help.paper crafts to the rescue!i looked in my collection of paper crafts magazines and special publications (i really don’t have any others they’re the BEST!) and found it! 2010 s paper crafts CARD STYLE special issue! yay! an entire section! just what i needed!thanks for always issuing an excellent publication, and for being there when i needed you! ~k