MAWF Results

The competition was fierce at Skateboarder’s 3rd Annual Make A Wish Skate Jam and Best Trick contest at Stoner Skate Plaza, but as the sun started to fade it was Anthony Estrada who took first place and would have $4,500 donated in his name to the Make A Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

Anthony ripped the entire course all day with smooth, technical tricks over the bump to bump, down the hubba and anywhere else he cruised around. There was rarely a moment when you couldn’t find him somewhere on the park rolling away from his last trick. HIs persistence and consistency, quality and quantity is what earned him the win.

Sebo Walker killed Stoner all day as well and with a burly backside flip up the clam shell gap to the stage, he secured himself a top spot with second place and $2,000 to be donated in his name. Oscar Meza’s smooth destruction landed him in third with a $1,000 check for Make a Wish.

Honorable mentions go out to Shawn Hale who can wallie into hubbas as well as rip any terrain you let him loose on, Jordan Maxham who threw out some mind-bangers around the course, Max Berrera, Nick Zizzo, Anthony Pshebelski and Joey Brezinski who all tore the course apart despite the scorching summer heat at Stoner. Thanks to everyone who came out to rip, support or lurk and big thanks to SPoTlight productions as well as Stoner Plaza for helping make this event successful.

Anthony Estrada – 1st Place

Sebo Walker – 2nd Place

Oscar Meza – 3rd Place

Previous Years’ Breakdown

Overall Results:

1st Place: Jordan Hoffart
Jordan Hoffart, courtesy of SPoTlight Productions

2nd Place: Micky Papa
Micky Papa, image courtesy of SPoTlight Productions

3rd Place: Jordan Maxham
Jordan Maxham, image courtesy of SpotLight Productions

Section One Results:
1st Place: Jordan Hoffart

2nd Place: Sierra Fellers

3rd Place: Paul Trepannier

Secton Two Results:

1st Place: Sebo Walker

2nd Place: Micky Papa

3rd Place: Jimmy Carlin