“Everyone’s A Photographer” Opening Party

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Friday night was the big opening of Laura Austin’s “Everyone’s A Photographer” and it did not disappoint. We left San Clemente at about 7pm in hopes of missing the Friday night rush hour zone and were moderately successful arriving at that gallery at 8:30pm. A harsh reminder why I seldom make the trek up to LA. 3 hours of driving for about 2 hours of fun is difficult to rationalize sometimes. Upon finding parking (which resulted in a $58 parking ticket) and being greeted at the corner North Lauren Ave. and Santa Monica BLVD by an apologetic young lady squatting with her pants around her ankles pissing the hardest stream of urine I have ever personally witnessed, we made our way through the huge crowd of smokers out front of the Lomography Gallery. The place was packed with all walks of life. I saw Vern Laird there but did not find were the skater contingent was camped out. As I mentioned before, it was packed. PBR was flowing. It was perhaps some of the best people watching I have experienced in recent memory. 6 inch heels are the norm and men rocking an Abraham Lincoln/Amish/Frankenstein combo look was regarded by the masses as “nothing out of the ordinary” it appeared. My date and I (she was looking goooood and somehow got the boots memo) were dressed in our Sunday best and I hope we did not stick out too blatantly. The actual photos for the photo show were situated on a smallish wall upstairs and really are pretty impressive. Laura has some awesomely eclectic and talented friends and connections (see attached bios). This girl is going places. After checking out the photos and saying hello to many friends that also came out to support Laura we ventured off to get a burger and wound up being serenaded by trannies lip-syncing the alphabet song not once but twice because the tip-jug was not adequately filled…all in all it was an awesome night in LA. A big congratulation goes to Laura Austin for putting together a great bunch of people and a fantastic show for the Lomo gallery. If you are in the area, definitely check it out. And I’d imagine that the closing event on November 29th will be a good time…— Chris Bywater

Sidebar: I found out about THIS SONG played by DJ Nina Tarr…I think its sick

Event description below lifted from Snowboardermag.com

As the winner of Lomography’s “Win You Dream Space” competition, Laura Austin has been given access to the Lomography Los Angeles Gallery space in West Hollywood, CA for the month of November and is hosting an interactive photo show titled “Everyone’s A Photographer”. To kick off the project there will be an opening party on November 2nd from 7-10PM in the space.

An eclectic group of 9 hand-selected artists have been given Lomography cameras in which they have used to shoot the photos that will be on display at the gallery.
Featuring: Chad Muska, Corey Smith, Jared Eberhardt, Jeremy & Claire Weiss, Natas Kaupas, Ian Ruhter, Danny Zapalac, Jason Lee Parry, and Laura Austin.

In addition to the curated show there will be an open space in the gallery for the public to submit photos they have shot on a Lomo camera throughout the month of November with a chance for them to appear in the book sold at the closing event on November 29th.

Free drinks courtesy of Pabst, Peligroso Tequila and O.N.E. Coconut Water with DJ Aaron Castle & others spinning through out the night.

Lomography Gallery Store LA
7998 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

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