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DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.22.2009

09.22.2009 //

PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY Ventura, Ca.Posted by John Bradford When the posts are daily, as I try to keep them, sometimes you just throw some leftovers into the mix. I’ve been going up to Ventura a lot recently to work on Mike Anderson’s interview and have these two images from a mission up there last […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.21.2009

09.21.2009 //

PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY This kid Yaje from NY.Posted by John Bradford Yaje Popson was staying with Mike Anderson this summer and we went skating a few times. I was going through a few contact sheets and noticed I had a few photos that could amount to a Daily Film Blog post… Nice kid, hopefully […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.18.2009

09.19.2009 //

PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY Photo of the day: Lions in Las VegasPosted by John Bradford Last week I was in Las Vegas for Nick Trapasso’s Birthday, And happened upon the “Lion Habitat” at the MGM Grand. Its where the white tigers were kept when Siegfried and Roy had their show there… Before one of the […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.17.2009

09.17.2009 //

PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY Flip film stills…Posted by John Bradford These were all in the magazine a while ago, but seeing as how the only rule on the Daily Film Blog is NO DIGITAL, and not whether or not something has been run, I thought I’d put them up in honor of the premiere last […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.16.2009

09.16.2009 //

Flip’s Louie Lopez.Posted by John Bradford The new Flip video, Extremely Sorry, premiers tonight in Anaheim so I thought I’d put up these photos of Louie Lopez from the day I met him. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.15.2009

09.15.2009 //

A day at the library.Posted by John Bradford Darrell Stanton and Chad Tim Tim venture onto the roof of a local library to skate. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.14.2009

09.14.2009 //

A Chinese afternoon with Habitat…Posted by John Bradford Looking through some contact sheets I found a few more from Habitat in China… PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.08.2009

09.08.2009 //

Skating in LA… Posted by John Bradford Photos of brothers, both literal and figurative, skating in LA over the summer. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.07.2009

09.08.2009 //

More from Denver: the drive home.Posted by John Bradford The drive home to California from Denver is awesome. Super long but I fell in love with it. It takes you through the Rockies and across Utah through Zion. I wish we had more time but we powered through it in one day. Below are some […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.04.2009

09.04.2009 //

Random film photo selections from DenverPosted by John Bradford Denver is one of my favorite cities, I try to make it out there a couple times a year. Tons of spots and good people. I went out last week to work on a couple interviews, here are some random tidbits caught on film. PREVIOUS ENTRY […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.03.2009

09.03.2009 //

Daniel Shimizu and an abandoned Balinese gator pit…Posted by John Bradford Last year on an Insight trip to Bali, we had some down time and did some exploring. We heard about an abandoned amusement park with an alligator pit so we went to check it out, ignoring the fact that the whole thing sounded incredibly […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.28.2009

08.28.2009 //

Charms and his bike.Posted by John Bradford Some random photos involving some bros and bikes. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY

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