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DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.27.2009

08.27.2009 //

Grand Canyon with the Tempster.Posted by John Bradford Coming home to California from Phoenix one time Ed Templeton asks the car load of people who wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. Everyone agreed so we made a right and drove north for Flagstaff and spent the next day roaming the Grand Canyon National Park. […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.26.2009

08.26.2009 //

Daryl AngelPosted by John Bradford When your board is headed for water, its a judgement call on how far you will go for it. Daryl went the distance and never stopped running, even after it was obvious he wasn’t going to make it. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.25.2009

08.25.2009 //

Keegan Sauder is today’s subject.Posted by John Bradford I see Keegan about once or twice a year. Always fun to hang out with. On our last trip, he got broke off the first day which is a shame, he usually kills it harder than anyone. One of the most genuine guys you’ll ever meet… PREVIOUS […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.24.2009

08.24.2009 //

Brophy and Shier arrive at the spot.Posted by John Bradford Paul Shier drives a Miata. I swear its just because he knows its funny. Whats even funnier is to see Brophy stuff himself into it. I have more photos of Paul’s whip somewhere… Keep checking back to see more. Remember: Daily updates (sometimes weekends off). […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.21.2009

08.21.2009 //

Dyson RamonesPosted by John Bradford Daily entries are hard… So while I have more film scanned, you get to see Dyson eat a chip. If you’re in Long Beach go to Taqueria on 4th and Obispo. You won’t be disappointed. And Dyson if you’re reading this come back to Long Beach soon. Summers almost over. […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.20.2009

08.20.2009 //

MJ sighting, Donovan doesn’t believe…Posted by John Bradford On the RVCA California Dreamin’ trip I met Donovan Piscopo for the first time. His dad rode for World back in the day (When, lets just say, World was a whole different company). So its no surprise that Donovan knew about Gonz when he was on Vision, […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.18.2009

08.18.2009 //

Some random photos from a China trip…Posted by John Bradford PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.17.2009

08.18.2009 //

Dland with Dgar…Posted by John Bradford If you live in Southern California and decide to go to Disneyland, its a really good deal to get an annual pass. That way for the price of going about twice, you can go any time you want just to hang out. I met pass holder Danny Garcia at […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.16.2009

08.16.2009 //

Warm up spot…Posted by John Bradford Photos from a warm up spot with the homies. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.15.2009

08.15.2009 //

Darrell and the Dude…Posted by John Bradford This is the day Darrell feebled that big metal hubba in LA… in fact I’ll put that photo of the bottom of the post but it ran a couple issues back… The best thing about what I do for a living is working with friends. Check out Ricki’s […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.14.2009

08.14.2009 //

Proof sheet pics from a Vegas trip.Posted by John Bradford I went to Vegas earlier this year to skate with Baca. The night we tried to drive out the 15 Freeway was closed, so we had to turn back. We drove out the next morning and couldn’t believe the 3 feet of snow along the […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.13.2009

08.13.2009 //

Day two and its still daily!!!Posted by John Bradford A couple of photos from Mallorca earlier this year. Paul Shier went to work on this spot that he randomly found the year before on Blueprint’s annual trip there… PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY

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