Total Recall: The Seven Kook Commandments

03.03.2013 //

Check out this week’s Total Recall featuring our Sept/Oct 2000 Quirk page “The Seven Kook Commandments” written by Alex Klein explaining the seven ways you don’t want to kook it.


Guest Blog: Garric Ray

03.02.2013 //

Garric Ray has been a friend and contributor to the magazine for many years now. We’d like to begin a new feature entitled “Guest Blog” where we can feature some of the best and possibly unknown talent out there. Check out Garric’s Guest Blog with a bunch of rad photos from the Northwest.


asmith photos: Julian Davidson on a Roof

02.28.2013 //

Aaron Smith brings you some photos of Julian Davidson jumping around on rooftops.


Owens Photo: Don’t Be Fooled

02.27.2013 //

Jaime Owens brings you underground ripper Yaje Popson this week for his Owens Photo blog post with the intro page “Don’t Be Fooled” that the photo was used for originally in 2011.


Mehring’s Bearings: East Coast Extras Part 4.

02.27.2013 //

This weeks update features Zered Bassett, Curtis Rapp, Eli Reed, Darren Harper, Jake Donnelly, Dave Caddo, Guru Khalsa, and Clint Peterson, all shredding NYC spots.


Skateboarder Magazine’s Exclusive Jimbo Phillips Interview

02.26.2013 //

Skateboarder Magazine contributor Seb Carayol got an exclusive interview with Jimbo Phillips about the recent controversy where fashion designer Jeremy Scott ripped off some classic Santa Cruz graphics done by Jimbo and his dad Jim. Look inside to see what Jimbo has to say about the situation.


Total Recall: Will The Real Atiba Jefferson Please Stand Up (2001)

02.24.2013 //

People always get Ako and Atiba Jefferson confused, so back in 2001 Aaron Meza talked Ako into pretending to be Atiba by setting up a photo shoot and it turned into this page in the magazine “Will The Real Atiba Jefferson Please Stand Up” for this week’s Total Recall.


asmith photos: LA Weekend

02.21.2013 //

Aaron Smith brings you some photos from a weekend in LA spent with Mikey Taylor, Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole and Weston Sparks. Check out the flicks inside.


Owens Photo: Chris Haslam 2004

02.20.2013 //

Jaime Owens digs up some stills of Chris Haslam’s Either-Or page in Skateboarder from 2004. Check out the photos and a classic Haslam video part.


Mehring’s Bearings: East Coast Extras Part 3.

02.20.2013 //

Mehring’s Bearings 3rd installment of East Coast photos. This week from New Jersey and Upstate New York featuring Fred Gall (of course), Steve Durante, Brian Brown, and Guru Khalsa.


asmith photos: LA Randoms

02.14.2013 //

Aaron Smith brings you a couple photos of two Los Angeles up and comers.


Owens Photo: Tony Hawk 2001

02.13.2013 //

Jaime Owens brings you a Tony Hawk photo from 2001 in this week’s blog post that was shot in downtown L.A. during a Bagel Bites commercial. Check inside to find out the scoop.

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