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  • Steve

    Respectfully diaegrse with those who think this schedule is a piece of cake. Beating the Browns on the road was nice but they had us down in the 4th qtr when Green scored on a busted coverage play . Ceds TD beat a blitz with only one guy to beat. He had 121 tds for a 4.5 average but before that play he was averaging 3.5 yds per carry . These situations won’t arise weekly . The O will have to improve significantly to prevail on a weekly basis .At this moment I’d classify us as team with a lot to prove . The same goes for the teams we are about to face . Right now we have no indication of how good or bad this team will be. The same goes for the opponents in the front end of our schedule.Right now the pieces of cake could easily be the Bengals . I hope that the Bengals emerge as a very good team this year. It could happen but the Cleveland game is not an indicator .