Grant Tayor on “My Fox 5″ Atlanta…

By: | Thursday, April 28, 2011 //

Atlanta Man Files Graffiti Lawsuit:

Resident, Stan Mobley is pissed off. How graffiti in a crap alley is worth 1 million dollars in damages per “tagger” is beyond me…

My Fox Atlanta

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  • TB

    Grant Taylor is the best skater alive, if i had a million dollars i would just give it to the guy. Fuck that guys building

  • R

    What a joke… I’d like to file all lawsuit because of all the smoke butts around that street… Maybe I’ll just name 100 random smokers… Come on…

    Grant Taylor should counter-sue for defamation!

  • seriously

    that guy wants a few million dollars for painting his house red one time? the graffiti looked better than that stupid red stripe you hillbilly! what a fucking asshole.

  • jj

    i would guess you all who say “F” the guys home and building would let any random person come into your home, room, studio, shack, and spray paint all over it. i am sure you would be just fine with it, wouldn’t you?

    Rule of law still applies, hypocrites.

  • dale taylor

    grant taylor your the shit and that guy is so stuck up on his high horse and needs to stop hating on the arts thats why everyone is so unartist damn do it again for us and the whole arts community we love you bro keep it going who gives a fuck nigga make the next on super big so he cant cover it lmao go art!!!!

  • MrFantastik

    @jj Hey buddy, in response to your to your ridiculous questions. I dont think anyone would appreciate random people going IN to their house and writing grff everywhere. But if I had a place like THIS guys house, Id be calling writers from all over the world and ask them to smash my walls from top to bottom with millions of different colors.
    Dont blow a gasket brah

  • DAydaye

    Maybe if that skinhead wasn’t living in an abandoned pickle factory, people wouldn’t tag it so much.
    Grant Taylor, Debacle !!!

  • wdbar084

    The Edgewood Community should stand up for what’s right and back Mobley and MacDonald. The community is much safer and way better off thanks to these guys. They have the right to defend their home and the businesses that are affected. I stand with them. You should, too.

    Mobley and MacDonald have worked for years on their home and it’s a fantastic showplace. They worked tirelessly to get rid of the drugs and crime in the area and the other Edgewood residents need to thank them by standing beside them on this issue.

    Stand up for what’s true and right. I hope they get every cent back they’ve had to spend to clean up the childish drawings of these immmature slackers.

    These men are standing up for their home and what they’ve worked for. They deserve more respect than the crayon drawings of little boys. I hope the taggers and grafitti scrubs get arrested soon and these decent men get to live in peace and enjoy their home.

  • Lakeisha

    Many many qutaliy points there.

  • mtkziqzn

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