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Gilbert Crockett Pro Party in Richmond, VA Saturday

04.24.2012 //

If you’re in the Virginia area this weekend Venue Skateshop is having an all ages pro party for Gilbert Crockett’s Alien Workshop pro model at the shop 3pm on Saturday and then a 21 and over party at Bellytimber. If you’re around come out and party!

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Rob Dyrdek Officially Acquires DNA Distribution from Burton

04.17.2012 //

After a premature announcement a few months back, perhaps resulting from a few too many sham-pan-yas at the Zumiez 100k event, today the official announcement came that Rob “Day one, baby,” Dyrdek will be purchasing his longtime sponsor and all under the DNA umbrella. Check the press release here.

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Gilbert Crockett Week: Top 5 Richmond Spots

04.13.2012 //

Follow along with Gilbert as he takes us to his favorite locales in the greater Richmond, Virginia area.

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Vans Gilbert Crockett Week Day 4: Acosta’s Angles

04.12.2012 //

Vans’ Anthony Acosta kills it again with another weekly post of photos and stories. Go check out the rad flicks and words about Gilbert Crockett.

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Skating the Coop with Atlanta Hates Us

04.11.2012 //

Atlanta Hates Us posted a new edit featuring Justin Brock, Grant Taylor, Dan Plunkett, David Clark, Ryan Flynn and some other of the ATL heads skating their new DIY foundation spot. Check it here.

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Vans Gilbert Crockett Week Day 3: Bust Crew Video

04.11.2012 //

Vans continues their week with Gilbert Crockett. Today they bring it back to the homies. Check out Gilbert in “Bust Crew Video”. Good stuff.

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VANS Gilbert Crockett WEEK DAY 1: First Pro Interview

04.09.2012 //

If you didn’t already know, Gilbert Crockett is now pro. Vans is starting their week with Gilbert with 3 of his past magazine interviews. Check it out and read Gilbert’s old Skateboarder interview!

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04.04.2012 //

Alien Workshop just came out with their XRay series that features some new construction as well as glow in the dark ink. Check out this sick little commercial with Tyler Bledsoe.

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Josh Kalis Classic Clips

03.29.2012 //

Here’s some vintage Josh Kalis popping up tiles at Love Park and putting lines together better than a frickin’ fisherman.

Screen Shot 2012-03-19 at 11.31.40 AM

Duane Pitre X Alien Workshop

03.19.2012 //

Alien Workshop celebrates original team rider Duane Pitre’s release of his new musical project Feel Free with a limited edition deck.

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Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett Pro for Alien Workshop

03.14.2012 //

In a “No Duh” move from Alien Workshop, the Sovereign Sect bumped Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett up to the pro ranks.

Screen shot 2012-03-09 at 4.36.32 PM

Rob Dyrdek Punk’d

03.09.2012 //

Looks like Robby D’s going to get Punk’d in the new season. By none other than the Bieber. How big of a bitch would you feel like if you got Punk’d by Justice Beaver?

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