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New from Real for Fall 2012

11.15.2012 //

Check out the Real team’s trip to Houston for the Johnny Romano Make-A-Wish Jam, plus all the newest REAL decks dropping in skate shops now including all new Low Pros, a LTD EDT Pushing Pro Series, and the Bank Roll Forever Lottoreal series with hidden scratch off graphics that can win you up to a year’s supply of REAL decks

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New Antihero Fall Drop 3

11.07.2012 //

The all new inspirational Motivational posters from Antihero are here, and you can collect all four. Plus for a limited time get a free regular size Cheeseburger with the purchase of any fried children. Check it out in Antihero’s Fall 2012 Drop 3 release.

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Thunder Titanium Lights and Catalog Drop

11.05.2012 //

Thunder Trucks just dropped an all new Site for the new Titanium LIghts. Check out the new video, closer look and complete 360 degree view of the new Titanium Lights, along with New pro trucks from Chris Cole, Mark Appleyard, Marc Johnson and tons more.

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Busenitz Pushing San Francisco

09.28.2012 //

Busenitz rips up SF for this new edition of Real’s Pushing series. Don’t watch if you can’t go skate immediately after.

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JT Aultz Pushing San Diego

09.14.2012 //

Real just dropped a new Pushing video with JT Aultz going back to push the streets of San Diego. Check it out along with the new LTD Pushing San Diego REAL Capsule.

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Brad Cromer LoFi Bonus Footage

08.28.2012 //

Bromer’s got about 8 minutes of leftovers, alternate angles and bonus footage from his part in Lo-Fi that you should already own or if not you should be purchasing like now. You can watch the leftovers here. They good!

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Krooked Fall 2012 Catalog

08.15.2012 //

Krooked dropped a new Fall 2012 Catalog today with new pro decks from Mike Anderson, Bobby Worrest, Dan Drehobl and Mark Gonzales, plus 2 Kool 4 Skool zingers, the release of a special John Rattray LTD EDT guest deck with only 300 made and tons more. Check it out.

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Get Help with Antihero’s New Summer Drop

07.09.2012 //

Antihero’s latest summer catalog drop is all killer no filler misanthropic gold. Check out their new boards and shirts that will make mommy and daddy remember why they were worried when you started skateboarding.

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Drehobl and Manderson at St Helena for Krooked

07.09.2012 //

Krooked dropped 2 new videos along with their latest installment of their Summer 2012 katalog. Peep them both here.

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Actions Realized: Knowledge is Power

06.04.2012 //

Check out a new project Real Skateboards has going to help empower students into taking hold of their future and see what their intern cooked up to aid others like him.

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Ishod Wair on the Crail Couch

05.04.2012 //

Join Ishod Wair for a quick interview on the Crail Couch delving into topics like having a muslim name, believing in Gonz, time off the board, and getting picked on by Jake Donnelly.

Screen shot 2012-04-26 at 12.04.04 PM

Alex Perelson Destroying

04.26.2012 //

Watch this video of Real am, Alex Perelson, skating the DC/Monster ramp like it’s a red curb. Super gnarly.

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