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New Krooked Spring 2012 Catalog Drop

03.02.2012 //

Bobby Worrest’s newest ad, some Skulled out Pros, Mandersnakes, Manly Gonz, Worrest Biohazard, and trip coast to coast with some Limited Eyes Regional decks.

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New Spitfire Catalog Drop with a Lance Mountain Video

03.02.2012 //

Spitfire dropped a new catalog with a new video clip from Lance Mountain for his new pro wheels, plus Omar Salazar’s newest ad, new Pro F1 wheels from Sean Malto, Jeff Grosso and the all new F1 Lock-ins. Check it out.

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Spring 2012 Real Skateboards Catalog Drop

02.24.2012 //

Real just dropped tons of new decks for Spring ’12 including some really safe graphics for all the Cops and Kittens lovers out there, plus a video sneak peak at native ATL artist GREG MIKE’s new REAL mini series and original piece for the JohnnyKicksCancer foundation coming soon to

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Introducing Ellington and Herman Thunder Pro Lites

02.09.2012 //

Check out this new My Other Truck is a Thunder video from Deluxe featuring Erik Ellington and Bryan Herman and their dueling trucks and tricks. See which one is the best.

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Venture Cody McEntire Video and Catalog Drop

01.25.2012 //

The newest Venture ad featuring Cody McEntire and an exclusive new video clip, plus tons of all new trucks for Spring 2012 Drop 1 is now up on the Deluxe Interweb Domain

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New Thunder Trucks Catalog and Videos

01.18.2012 //

Thunder Trucks just put up their latest catalog and have three new videos from Alex Perelson, Luis Tolentino and Ernesto Torres.

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Brad Cromer Huf in LA

01.17.2012 //

HUF team rider Brad Cromer recently came out to Los Angeles to skate and hang out with the rest of the HUF crew. Here is some footage from his recent stay, featuring guest tricks by HUF team riders Dan Plunkett, Johan Stuckey, and Keith Hufnagel. Shot & cut by Martin Reigel.

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Grosso’s Loveletter to Backside Ollies

01.17.2012 //

Backside ollies are a telltale sign for style. Jeff Grosso goes into detail on why he loves them and who’s got the best ones in this episode of Love Letters to Skateboarding from Vans Off the Wall Dot TV

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Spitfire Welcomes Andrew Reynolds

01.13.2012 //

Spitfire welcomes the Bose man to their wheel team with this release, new video, and new Andrew Reynolds product.

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 5.38.20 PM

Ishod Wair Bonus Reel

01.11.2012 //

Check some leftovers of Ishod Wair killing it that didn’t make it into Since Day One

Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 12.09.48 PM

Venture Adds Paul Rodriguez to the Team

01.06.2012 //

Venture added PlanBRod aka Paul Rodriguez to their all star roster and have a signature hollow light truck coming to skateshops worldwide sometime in the near to now future.

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Ishod Wair Since Day One Part 4

12.30.2011 //

Ishod talking about first starting to film for the Real Since Day One Video, his favorite trips, and the best thing about skating for a job in this final episode of the SDO series.

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