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Ishod Wair Since Day One Part 4

12.30.2011 //

Ishod talking about first starting to film for the Real Since Day One Video, his favorite trips, and the best thing about skating for a job in this final episode of the SDO series.

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Ishod Wair Since Day 1 Part 3

12.23.2011 //

Real is back with part 3 or Ishod Wair’s Since Day One. He talks about getting sponsored at Tampa Am and his entrance into sponsored skateboarding and his first published photo (in Skateboarder, a hem). Enjoy.


James Hardy’s Top 5s from 2011

12.23.2011 //

Instagram pop page mainstay, freedom roller, rookie Real yeti pro, and all around solid son of a gun, James Hardy picks his top 5s from this year for us, Skateboarder Magazine.

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Ishod Wair Since Day One Part 2

12.16.2011 //

Part 2 of Ishod Wair’s Since Day One feature from Real Skateboards is now live. Ishod talks about when skateboarding completely took over his life with endless sessions and skate videos playing non stop.

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DLXmas Recap

12.16.2011 //

The countdown to Christmas continues and Deluxe has a video from this year up every day to celebrate DLXmas. Andy Roy Spitfire Lifer Wheel, Antihero in LA pools, Alex Perelson at Pro Tech, Alex Midler Known Associate, Hardy turns pro, and so much more.

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Happy Holidays from Mike Anderson and Krooked

12.15.2011 //

Mike Anderson and Deluxe hooked up Five Point Skate Shop in Ventura with some early Christmas goodies and decided to give the public a chance at the action as well. The first five skaters to go into five points and ask about the DLXmas gifts get a free Krooked board. DLXmas has started!

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Ishod Wair Since Day One Video Part 1/4

12.12.2011 //

Real Skateboards just launched the first of a four part video series delving into Ishod Wair aka their newest pro’s humble beginnings as a skateboarder. Part one starts where a lot of us started: on a shitty board in a friend’s driveway.

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Marquise Henry for Venture Trucks

12.05.2011 //

New ad and video interview with Marquise Henry for Venture Reserves

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Deluxe Year in Review Videos

12.05.2011 //

Deluxe continues the 2011 a DLX Year in Review, featuring 1 video each day of December from all their favorite DLX videos from the past year. Days 1 through 5 are now live. Check it out.

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Thunder Welcomes Chris and Zach Miller

11.30.2011 //

Thunder Trucks welcomes a legacy of steez with Chris Miller and his son Zach.

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Ambush at Westchester

11.29.2011 //

Next Saturday December 10th 1PM at the Westchester Skate Park in LA DLXSF is having the Ambush at Westchester, one of the biggest demos they’ve ever organized with riders from Spitfire, Real, Fourstar and Nike SB.

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Deluxe Weekly Web Blasting

11.17.2011 //

Krooked urges you ride the fucking snake with Drehobl and the Krookakonda and to check out the new Thomas Campbell collab, and got ten videos to let you Know Control, along with some Spitfire and goodness in the third Fall Drops