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Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Bolivia Out-takes Part 2

03.21.2012 //

The 2nd and final segment of extra photos from Bolivia. Check out the feature article in the current issue!


Mehring’s Bearings Presents: The Death Road of Bolivia Out-takes Part 1

03.14.2012 //

This week Jonathan Mehring sent us some extras from the Bolivia trip featured in the current issue.

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Crailtap’s What’s Up Fat Bill

02.09.2012 //

For Tha Tap’s clip of the day, they spend it with “Fat” Bill Strobeck during his last day filming for the TWS cinematographer project with Dylan Rieder, Alex Olson and a random run-in with Jason Dill.

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Gravis Filter Commercial with Dylan and Sammy

12.02.2011 //

Gravis has a little video of Dylan Rieder and Sammy Winter pushing through the desolate streets of Tokyo in the Filter shoe model.

Screen shot 2011-09-30 at 4.03.37 PM

Steve Forstner Gravis Trailer

09.30.2011 //

Steve Forstner Gravis trailer for the upcoming full length video.


Skateboarder’s 2011 Sunset Rampage 2 Photo Recap Part 1

09.23.2011 //

Check out photos from our second annual Sunset Rampage mini-ramp jam at the Standard hotel in Hollywood presented by Analog & Gravis. This is just part 1 of more photos and videos coming your way featuring Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder, Stefan Janoski, Dustin Dollin, Spanky, Chad Bartie, Andrew Langi and more.

Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 4.50.09 PM

Thunder x Dylan Rieder x Hobo Wine Collab

09.23.2011 //

Signature shoe? Meh. Signature board? Ok. Signature wine? Oh yeahhhhhh.


October/November 2011 Issue

09.09.2011 //

Johnny Layton graces the cover with a historic ollie over both walls at the famous Pulaski park in Washington D.C. This issue also has a ton of other heavy hitters including: Dylan Rieder, Jason Dill, AVE, MJ, Brian Anderson, Nyjah Huston, Darrell Stanton, Nick Garcia, Vincent Alvarez, Rick Howard and more. Go grab a copy or get a subscription so you don’t miss out!


Skateboarder’s 2011 Sweet 16 Interview Issue

08.25.2011 //

Go out and grab our newest Sweet 16 Interview issue which is a special newsstand only magazine with 16 ripping skaters like Leo Romero, Dylan Rieder, Nyjah Huston, Collin Provost, Omar Salazar, Elijah Berle and more.


Gravis Creative Departures Photo Exhibition & “Antwerp” A Short Film

08.09.2011 //

Gravis photo exhibition featuring Arto Saari, Javier Mendizabal, Mark Oblow, Ryan Allan, Mathias Fennetaux and they are premiering their short film “Antwerp” featuring Dylan Rieder and the rest of the Gravis team. Check the flyer for details

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 2.11.33 PM

X Games Real Street Final Four

07.12.2011 //

It’s down to Westgate, Rieder, Marks & Decenzo for the 10k fan favorite Real Street video winner.

Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 12.48.41 PM

Carroll & Friends Rip The Supreme Bowl

06.17.2011 //

Dylan Rieder, Guy Mariano, Spanky, Scott Johnston and more guest star.

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