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The Jinx Suski From Emerica

10.16.2012 //

Emerica has a rad video with Aaron Suski for his new color was of the Jinx. Check out the shoe and then watch some great skating. It’s always a pleasure to watch Suski skate

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Made in Emerica Commercial

10.01.2012 //

Emerica has a sick commercial looking back on their history featuring Leo Romero, Heath Kirchart, Andrew Reynolds, Figgy, Bryan Herman, Aaron Suski, Ed Templeton, Brandon Westgate, Jerry Hsu, Kevin Long, Collin Provost, Jamie Tancowny and Trevor Colden.


Daily Film Blog 08-23-2012 Trevor Colden

08.23.2012 //

Am on fire: Trevor Colden. Film photo from a trip up to Portland with the Emerica squad.

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Emerica Demo in Seattle

08.21.2012 //

Emerica did one of the gnarlist demos I’ve ever seen up in Seattle. Check out the craziness from Colin Provost, Brandon Westgate, Leo Romero, Jerry Hsu, Andrew Reynolds and more.

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Emerica and Shake Junt Collab

08.08.2012 //

Emerica, Shake Junt, Andrew Reynolds and Shane Heyl have teamed up. Check out this video featuring their new Emerica and Shake Junt Reynolds 3.


Daily Film Blog 07.26.2012 Kennedy Romero Brady

07.26.2012 //

Colin Kennedy, Leo Romero, Danny Brady grace this week’s Film Blog

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Emerica X Altamont Andrew Reynolds Shoe

07.16.2012 //

Emerica, Altamont and Andrew Reynolds teamed up and created a new shoe. The “Reynolds Cruisers” looks so sick and it’s out now. Check out this video of Andrew talking about the shoe and killing it on a board like usual.



07.09.2012 //

Foundation and Emerica’s Marquis Preston, one of the stylish dudes out there, takes care of this week’s Tuesday 25 for Skateboardermag.com.

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Made in Emerica Tour: Westside in Lakewood, Ohio.

06.26.2012 //

I know we’re a little late on posting this but here’s the Emerica dudes Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Brandon Westgate, Figgy, Collin Provost and Trevor Colden crushing a park Westside skate park in Lakewood, Ohio.


Emerica Wild In The Streets Detroit

06.20.2012 //

Emerica Wild In The Streets is in Detroit this year. Meet up at Hart Plaza at Noon to cruise the streets of Detroit with the Emerica team and a huge crowd of fellow skaters. Then the After Party/Benefit Show is happening at Modern Skatepark starting at 7:30.

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Emerica presents: The Bryan Herman Baker G-Code Shoe

06.19.2012 //

Emerica, Bryan Herman and Baker Skateboards have come together and collaborated on a colorway of the G-Code shoe. Check out the video for some skating and the story behind the shoe.

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Made In Emerica Birmingham Alabama Demo

06.15.2012 //

The Emerica guys did their second demo at the Faith Skateshop in Birmingham Alabama. Check it out.

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