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Osiris “Know Your Pro” Kellen James

10.15.2012 //

Kellen James talks about JSLV, previous sponsors, favorite vids, the state of skateboarding and much more in this latest “Know Your Pro” feature. Check it out!


DQM x Cliché Collabo Interview, Photos & Video

10.15.2012 //

Check out our exclusive interview with Chris Keefe, president of DQM, about their collabo with Cliché skateboards which goes beyond just boards and clothes. Also, check out tons of sick skate photos of the Cliché team by Jonathan Mehring.


Andy Jenkins Chrome Ball Interview

10.12.2012 //

Chrome Ball has a rad interview with the man behind so much of the art you see in skateboarding, Andy Jenkins. Check it out.

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Russell Houghten Interview

10.09.2012 //

The Deaf Lens website just did a rad interview with Gravis/Analog cinematographer Russell Houghten. Click through to check it out and get inspired. Good stuff.


The Tuesday 25 with Billy Davenport

10.08.2012 //

BLVD Am Billy Davenport handles this week’s Tuesday 25 for Click through for some Q/A and some video parts.


Alex Schmidt Interview

10.05.2012 //

Here’s our exclusive interview with Stereo Sound Agent, Alex Schmidt, covering his move to LA, living in a sex dungeon, becoming Internet famous, and joining Jason Lee’s science club. Check it out!


The Tuesday 25 with Donovon Piscopo

10.01.2012 //

Nike and Alien Workshop AM Donovon Piscopo handles this week’s Tuesday 25 for Click through for some Q/A and some video parts.

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Free Lunch with Lance Mountain

09.26.2012 //

On this Free Lunch Lance Mountain talks with Tony Hawk about getting knocked out, hazed, in trouble with mom and more.

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Austyn Gillette Quik Interview and Giveaway

09.25.2012 //

Quiksilver has a cool little interview with Austyn Gillette about his Quik part that came out earlier this year. Also, enter to win a nice big bag of product from Quik and Habitat.


The Tuesday 25 with David Reyes

09.24.2012 //

Etnies and Mystery AM David Reyes handles this week’s Tuesday 25 for Click through for some Q/A and some old video parts.

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Weekend Buzz with Johnny Layton and Taylor Smith

09.21.2012 //

This week, Johnny Layton and Taylor Smith dropped by the Weekend Buzz to share airplane anxiety horror stories, explain how Johnny almost killed Leo Romero and made Ed Templeton cry, why he looks fat, while Taylor Smith describes what it’s like to get discovered by Danny Way and have him take you to the Mega Ramp and more!


The Tuesday 25 with Trent McClung

09.17.2012 //

LRG and Element AM Trent McClung handles this weeks Tuesday 25 for Click through for some Q/A and videos.

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