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Vans Case of the Mondays: Taylor Smith’s Injury Report

09.17.2012 //

Vans did a quick video interview with Taylor Smith about how he recently took a trip to Europe just to roll his ankle and fly back home.


Total Recall – John Cardiel Interview (2003)

09.15.2012 //

Known for his pedal-to-the-metal attack and his humble attitude, John Cardiel is always a favorite for many a skateboarder. Here, he gets interviewed by one of his good friends and fellow Rasta Soldiers, Matt Rodriguez.

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The Weekend Buzz with David Gonzalez and Louie Lopez

09.14.2012 //

This week, Flip, Volcom and Globe’s David Gonzalez & Louie Lopez dropped by the Weekend Buzz to talk about David’s new video part, Possessed to Skate, Extremely Sorry, Drinking Pee, Luan Oliveira, Puberty, injuries, David witnessing death in the womb, Christian Hosoi, long hair, dropping out, shady five year contracts, narcolepsy, Street League, getting naked and more!

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Catching up with Chad Bartie

09.11.2012 //

Osiris has a quick interview with Chad Bartie. Click through to see what he’s been up to.


The Tuesday 25 with Chris Pastras

09.10.2012 //

Stereo Skateboards legend Chris Pastras handles this weeks Tuesday 25 for Click through for some good Q/A and some old video parts.


Stevie Williams Supra Interview

09.10.2012 //

Supra has an interview with Stevie Williams with some sick new photos. Check it out.

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09.07.2012 //

The Vans Jason Dill week comes to an end with a long exclusive interview. Head over and give it a read. You’ll be happy you did!


The Tuesday 25 with John Fitzgerald

09.04.2012 //

Alien Workshop’s new AM John Fitzgerald, who has a Who’s Hot in our upcoming issue, handles this weeks Tuesday 25 for Click through for some Q/A and some videos.


Vans Jason Dill Week: Day 1

09.03.2012 //

Vans kicks of their Jason Dill week with a whole bunch of past magazine interviews. Check it out and go see the two interviews he had in Skateboarder. Good stuff!

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Comune Josh Murphy Video and Interview

08.31.2012 //

Comune has a quick skate park video and interview with their new AM Josh Murphy.

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5&5 with Clint Peterson

08.31.2012 //

Some folks just answer their questions better. Clint Petersen keeps it witty in this 5&5 for OJ Wheels and Strange Notes. Featuring Christian Maalouf and 80′s Joe.

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08.29.2012 //

Anthony Van Engelen and Jason Dill have a nice long interview together. Head over to Vans and give it a read this morning. You’ll be happy you did.

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