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04.26.2012 //

Nike and Eric Koston have mission 7 & 8 up. Check out what he wants you to do with a hardflip and skate stoppers.

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Atlanta Hates Us: The Aggrocrag

04.23.2012 //

Watch Grant Taylor, Dan Plunkett, David Clark, Justin Brock and the ATL homies lay the dildo down on their newest DIY foundation spot, already made famous by a certain graffiti vandal blasting a Old Faithful ollie off a cemented tire bump.

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Skating the Coop with Atlanta Hates Us

04.11.2012 //

Atlanta Hates Us posted a new edit featuring Justin Brock, Grant Taylor, Dan Plunkett, David Clark, Ryan Flynn and some other of the ATL heads skating their new DIY foundation spot. Check it here.

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04.10.2012 //

Nike just posted Mission 3 of their Mr. Control It All Contest and this one if for all you artist out there. Check out what Eric Koston wants you to make.

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Weekend Buzz with Daryl Angel and Jose Rojo

04.06.2012 //

Daryl has been tossed (literally) out of a bar, is almost homeless and morphed into Forrest Gump whilst playing tee ball as a child. Jose explains his prostate exam, catching Jerry Hsu wanking in a hotel room and how Koston & Jeron snubbed him when he was a kid. All this nonsense and more on Weekend Buzz.

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Nike SB Mr. Control it All Contest Mission 2

04.04.2012 //

Eric Koston and Nike just put out mission 2 of their “Mr. Control It All” contest. Check out what he wants you to try now. This one is a hard one.

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Alex Olson on Nike SB

03.27.2012 //

After leaving Vans at the end of last year, Alex Olson has been officially added to the Nike SB team. Check his ad and their press release here.

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Nike SB Mr. Control it All Contest

03.26.2012 //

Nike just release possibly one of the most high tech commercials we’ve seen featuring Eric Koston, Sean Malto, and Justin Brock. Check it out and check out their new contest.


Skateboarder Magazine’s Tampa Pro 2012 Photos Part One

03.24.2012 //

Check out our photos from Saturday’s qualifying runs at the Skatepark of Tampa’s 2012 pro contest featuring Ishod Wair, Justin Brock, Dan Plunkett, Chris Haslam, Lil Wayne and more.


Daily Film Blog 03.22.2012 Daryl Angel

03.21.2012 //

A film photograph of Daryl Angel. See it bigger in the new issue

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SuperBrand Try This Life: John Motta and Friends

03.14.2012 //

Shot and edited by Tucker Phillips, SUPERbrand Apparel brings you a new video of John Motta skating his oddball ditch spots in Arizon with guest appearances from Marquis Preston, Nick Zizzo and Adrian Adrid.

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Dan Murphy and Connor Champion Nike SB Wear Test Video

03.12.2012 //

Connor Champion and Dan Murphy test out the new Nike Team Edition 2 at Vertical in Raleigh, NC.

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