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Paul Rodriguez Launches New Website

02.22.2012 //

If you’ve ever wondered what P-Rod has been up to, you can just check out his new website at

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Jason Hernandez EZ Handle V2 Video

02.16.2012 //

Nike film buff Jason Hernandez has a new video up featuring his EZ Handle invention for your DSLR filming needs and some random rippers from Austyn Gillette, Joey Brezinski, Justin Strubing and more.

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Lance Mountain Appreciation

02.12.2012 //

We love Lance!

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Extras from Nike SB Chronicles Vol 1

02.10.2012 //

Five minutes of unseen bonus footage from “The SB Chronicles, Vol. I” filming missions, including Youness Amrani, Lewis Marnell, Clark Hassler, Wieger Van Wageningen, Chet Childress, Daniel Shimizu, Stefan Janoski and recent SOTY Grant Taylor.

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Nike SB Paul Rodriguez Lunarlon Commercial

02.06.2012 //

P Rod discusses the new Lunarlon technology in the new Paul Rodriguez 5 in this Spot commercial for Nike SB.

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New Theotis Beasley Altamont Apparel

01.23.2012 //

Altamont has a new line of signature Theotis Beasley threads and just put up this video with the dude to show it all off.

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Ishod Wair Bonus Reel

01.11.2012 //

Check some leftovers of Ishod Wair killing it that didn’t make it into Since Day One

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Venture Adds Paul Rodriguez to the Team

01.06.2012 //

Venture added PlanBRod aka Paul Rodriguez to their all star roster and have a signature hollow light truck coming to skateshops worldwide sometime in the near to now future.

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Ishod Wair Video From Ambush At Westchester

01.03.2012 //

Real turned Ishod Wair, pro at the Ambush Westchester demo a while back. Check out the video from the event and enter for your chance to win Ishod’s first pro decks. Congrats Ishod!

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Sean Malto on Nike SB

01.01.2012 //

That’s right, Sean Malto has been swooshed and is Nike Skateboarding’s newest professional addition. Check the press release and a little bit more here.

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Ishod Wair Since Day 1 Part 3

12.23.2011 //

Real is back with part 3 or Ishod Wair’s Since Day One. He talks about getting sponsored at Tampa Am and his entrance into sponsored skateboarding and his first published photo (in Skateboarder, a hem). Enjoy.


Jason Hernandez Answers Your Facebook Questions

12.21.2011 //

Following up Skateboarder Magazine’s first episode of our new video series “In the Editing Bay” with Nike SB’s Jason Hernandez, here we have Jason answering questions from our followers on Facebook and giving some good tips on filming and editing.

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