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Ishod Wair Since Day One Part 2

12.16.2011 //

Part 2 of Ishod Wair’s Since Day One feature from Real Skateboards is now live. Ishod talks about when skateboarding completely took over his life with endless sessions and skate videos playing non stop.


In The Editing Bay With Jason Hernandez

12.14.2011 //

Skateboarder Magazine’s first episode of our new video series “In the Editing Bay” features Nike SB’s Jason Hernandez talking about what went into the making of the new Nike SB Chronicles.

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Fourstar’s Leisure Till You Seizure

12.12.2011 //

Watch the new Fourstar’s Leisure Till You Seizure, the movie! A demo in Palm Springs. Featuring Ishod Wair, Max Schaaf, Shane O’Neill, Tyler Bledsoe, Eric Koston and more.

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Deluxe Year in Review Videos

12.05.2011 //

Deluxe continues the 2011 a DLX Year in Review, featuring 1 video each day of December from all their favorite DLX videos from the past year. Days 1 through 5 are now live. Check it out.

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Omar Salazar Speaks with CCS

11.28.2011 //

Omar’s in the spotlight these days with a new shoe from Nike SB, which gave CCS a perfect excuse to call him up. They talked specifics about his new shoe, outer space, skating fast, riding the edge of The Great Wall of China and more. Read on and get to know one of the all-around, raddest dudes in skateboarding.

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SB Chronicles Vol 1 Trailer

11.10.2011 //

Nike posted their trailer for SB Chronicles Volume 1 to get you hyped for the video drop and with the likes of Grant Taylor, Shimizu, Marnell, Youness, Chet, Wieger, and Clark Hassler, how could you not be.

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Wieger’s C-Roll Brocam Video Part

11.09.2011 //

Wieger’s got a new bro-cam part up on the outerweb of some stellar digi-cam lines that you should check out.

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Watch and Win Omar Salazar Strike Anywhere

10.28.2011 //

Omar skates everywhere without any preconceived plan or objective just one spontaneous trick after another on anything and everything put in front of him. Check out the video and enter to win a set of Omar’s new wheels at in the Strike Anywhere contest.


Product Toss: MTN Dew Paul Rodriguez Complete

10.21.2011 //

Up for grabs is a Paul Rodriguez Plan B complete courtesy of Mountain Dew. We’ll be giving one of these bad boys away every week for the month of October.

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Neil Smith Blueprint Pro Debut

07.11.2011 //

Smitty’s pro for Blueprint again. Watch his video reintroduction to the pro ranks right here.

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Dan Plunkett on Huf Footwear

06.29.2011 //

Off Nike SB and on HUF SF, watch Dan Plunkett’s welcome video

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CCS BA Interview

06.20.2011 //

CCS Team Rider Brian Anderson talks about his Go Skateboarding Day Collaboration T-Shirt Design, his art background and what he’s working on for the near future.

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