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Shit Skateboard Photographers Say episode 2

03.22.2012 //

The Crailtap guys threw up some leftovers from their first “Shit Photographers Say”. Just as funny and just as true.

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03.22.2012 //

Check out up and coming ripper Josh Murphy’s part from the new Denver Shop video “Stakes is High”. Shits good!

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03.22.2012 //

Louie Barletta stopped by the DC Embassy in Barcelona and gave it his own unique kind of shredding. Watch it, smile, and go skate!

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Derek Fukuhara Wood & Wheels

03.21.2012 //

Check out what kind of set up Derek rides that makes him so damn good.

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Geoff Rowley Talks Skating and Soccer

03.21.2012 //

Head over to the Vans site to read an interesting interview with Geoff Rowley talking about soccer and its ties to skating. Even if you’re not into that sport, there’s some cool facts. Such as the story behind his Flip part song “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”


The Tuesday 25 With Taylor Bingaman

03.20.2012 //

Taylor Bingaman takes care of our Tuesday 25 this week for

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Duane Pitre X Alien Workshop

03.19.2012 //

Alien Workshop celebrates original team rider Duane Pitre’s release of his new musical project Feel Free with a limited edition deck.

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03.19.2012 //

Bones kicks off this week’s Mo Mondays with a really good part from Joey Guevara. Always nice to start off the week with some style.

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Marius Syvanen in Singapore for Habitat Skateboards

03.19.2012 //

Check out this sick park edit of Marius Syvanen and Tim O’Connor in Singapore.

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Derrick Wilson for 9five Eyewear

03.19.2012 //

Check out this rad video of up and coming ripper Derrick Wilson.

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Andrew Allen Vans Week Day 1: Blasts From The Past

03.19.2012 //

Van’s gets your week started off right with the beginning of the Andrew Allen week. Go check it out all his old magazine interviews including our interview with him back in 2009. Give it a read.

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Adventures With Chris: Pave The Way Artshow Part 2

03.16.2012 //

Chris Nieratko talks to Lance Dawes and Craig Stecyk about some of their iconic skate images in this week’s episode of Adventures with Chris.

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